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001: Today I enrolled at University and I'm so excited! I'll be studying a degree in Photography, three days a week and even finish at half 12 on a Wednesday! Not bad! I have my induction week next week and then begin my first proper week the week after.

002: I'm aware my blog has been pretty boring and bland lately. I have decided I'm going to kick myself and start doing more outfit posts as it's what my readers seem to enjoy more and fashion is my favourite thing! I just need to start planning a routine! Would you like to see more outfit posts?

003: I've been testing out a shampoo and conditioner duo that I was sent and I really am falling in love with it! I will review it at some point, I just want to get a real opinion on it! It claims to make your hair grow a little quicker and I'm sure my hair had grown about half an inch since I've used it?!

I'm off to tackle my room now as I have clothes everywhere and I need to do that horrible task of cleaning my makeup brushes *sighs*!
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  1. I can't believe how soon you start university! :) I sometimes wish I'd of chosen photography over graphics!

    I love your outfit posts so I'd love to see more, and I'm really interested in the review too :) xx

  2. I start school on the 27th! I'm going for business however. I see you have the iPhone 3gs. Has your phone been acting up? Like a white screen magically appears? Sorry that has nothing to do with this post. I'd love to see more outfit post! (:

    1. Ooh good luck sweetie! Umm no not really, however it freezes A LOT!

  3. aw congrats on your photography degree, that's what i want to do :D i'm unfortunately taking an extra year at college. you're starting so soon, i bet you're excited! i'd love to see some outfit posts, something i need to start getting into a routine for again!

  4. Aww well done with university! Photography sounds like a lush degree to be doing! I know the feeling, my bedroom is a complete tip. Lovely as ever dear, xx

  5. Ooo how exciting! I'm on placement this year, so it feels a bit weird that I'm not re-enrolling back at Uni :S
    All the best for the year ahead! xoxo

  6. Anonymous23/8/12

    I love your outfit posts :) More please!!


  7. Anonymous24/8/12

    ooo cant believe you start so soon we don't go back until October so I still have a month to work my socks off and save up some pennies! yay.

    Cant wait to hear about the shampoo and conditioner xoxoox


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