winter wonderland 2011


Finally got the chance to visit winter wonderland in hyde park on Saturday. I didn't go last year! I went with my boyfriend, his mum & sister. It was PACKED full of people. We literally couldn't move! I thought I would do a picture heavy post as I know not everybody will get the change to visit and many of times it's been closed as they can't let anymore people in! The whole place is packed full of little market stalls selling food, hand made items, jewellery, and hats. There's an amusement park side to it aswell, packed full of rides and a giant big wheel. If you're thinking of going I recommend taking a fair bit of money, at least £20. It's free to get in but you have to pay extra for the ice rink and the circus.. which I wasn't able to take photos of. It's a lovely attraction to visit at Christmas. I left feeling so festive! It was a really love day out as we also visited Camden Town and my favourite place in London, Brick Lane. I really recommend going if you've got the chance to, but definitely wrap up warm!


  1. Anonymous13/12/11

    I wish I lived near here, this looks like my kind of place! We have a Christmas market/funfair type thing where I live, it's not as exciting looking as this though! XO

  2. Gorgeous photos, I love the third and last ones! x

  3. Lovely photos, it looks so nice there! I'm gutted I can't go because I'm up in Leeds! :( xxx

  4. Eeeeek, I really want to gooo! I've never been, and judging by these pictures it looks absolutely AMAZING!

  5. Oh i think i'm going here this weekend - i've never been but i've heard such great things about it! I'll definitely be able to enjoy it as well as I've packed up uni for christmas now, so definitely need to get into the festive spirit!
    lovely photos!

    charlotte x


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