Christmas outfits & more...


VECTRA3 studded slippers: £28 (buy here)
CHELSEA GIRL River Island velvet dress: £35
River Island PV collar lace playsuit: £40 (buy here)
Topshop Evil eye ring (£5) & small cross chain (reduced to £2!):

The slippers were a splurge and I never really buy shoes from Topshop but I've wanted them for ages. I didn't want the suede/velvet version as every blogger in the universe has them and I much prefer the leather look ones anyway! I have never bought anything in River Island that I can remember but I walked in there yesterday as an EMERGENCY looking for Christmas outfits. I love the Chelsea Girl dress. I had a chat with the sales assistant serving me and we agreed it looks a bit meh on the hanger but amazing on.
As for the playsuit, it was definitely a splurge. I would never usually spend £40 on one as I never really wear them but it has a leather look peter pan collar and it's lace and they're my two favourite things.  The sales assistant also told me they had just arrived that day (23rd to be precise!) and I was very stylish hahaha :)

I will be wearing the velvet dress on Christmas day (1 DAY TO GO!) and the playsuit on the 29th as I'm spending that day down my Aunt's for another ~Christmas celebration dinner~. I think Boxing day will be spent in my PJS! (:

I've been looking for the evil eye ring for ages and it's literally sold out everywhere but I found one in a Topshop a few miles away from me and I had to grab it obviously. Plus the necklace was reduced from £4 to £2 so I had to have it!

If I don't blog before hand, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!


  1. I love those slippers! Tried them on in Topshop the other day and was so tempted, but just couldn't justify it ;) Got my mum to buy me that ring the other day too - I spotted it ages ago but never bought it, than randomly saw one in my local store. It's a 'christmas present' ahaha so i'm looking forward to getting that surprise tomorrow!
    fashion junkie

  2. I'm searching on ebay for that ring as it seems to have sold out of everywhere. Lovely outfits :) Merry christmas!

    Laura x

  3. I saw that velvet dress and it looked gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  4. Love the colour combo on your nails x

  5. Anonymous11/1/12

    EE I have the purple dress as well, its so beautiful!!


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