Christmas 2011


Quite a picture heavy post but I've personally been loving reading Christmas posts with lots of pictures. It's great to see how everybody spends their Christmas and of course what goodies they got! 

Christmas day consists of the same tradition; wake up at 8am, make mum a cuppa', open presents under the tree, lazy about till 12ish, bath, get dressed in 'special outfits', go round nanny & grandad's for Christmas dinner, eat lots and leave about 11pm, followed by collapsing into bed! 
I have definitely been spoilt rotten this year but to be honest I always am every year! My main present from my parents was a new laptop which I am currently posting on! It's super fast with a huge memory and best of all, it's red! I got the usual bits and bobs; pjs, underwear, smellies, perfumes (my two favourites which I ran out of a few months ago - Chanel mademoiselle and Dolce and Gabbana 'the one'.
My boyfriend, Todd got me an instax 210 camera which you may remember being posted onto my Christmas wishlist. However, he got me a Hello Kitty one which I am SO HAPPY about! The instructions were all in Japenese but I have learnt how to use it which is wicked considering Todd bought me a diana cmyk lomography camera last year and I've failed to use it as it's so hard! Japan only made 1000 hello kitty instax 210's so I'm estatic to own one! I kinda feel like a tweenie holding it as it's so big but I absolutely love it! I have taken 9 pictures so far with hello kitty film!

Christmas doesn't end till the 29th for me! My Dad worked on Christmas day and Boxing day so we are having another Christmas dinner in the week and on Thursday we're round my Aunts for more dinner and present exchanging!

I can now reveal the gifts I bought! I bought Todd some mid-top trainers (similiar to Chuckkas), a shirt, street art book, Paul on DVD and a few other bits. I bought my sister sims on xbox as she's been begging for it haha and lots of makeup. My mum's exciting present was a Wii. She has been wanting one since they first came out so I chose a black one with mario cart, the wheel and Just Dance 3. It's so much fun! I also got her a few other bits. Have you seen her reaction when she opened the Wii? 

I would love to hear what you done for Christmas and of course what goodies you received!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!


  1. Anonymous27/12/11

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas! I love hearing about other people's Christmas days + the presents they received. I have a small post about my day over on my blog - rachelpan xo

  2. You are not alone dear! I love hearing what people get for christmas, mainly because i'm such a nosy person ha!
    i love the bag the you got. Have you any idea where its from?
    check out my christmas post?

  3. Seriously jel of your Hello Kitty Instax! I used to have loads when I was younger, that my godmother sent over from Hong Kong, but I've not used one in aaages now. Glad you had a lovely Christmas too sweetie. xx

  4. It looks like you had a lovely Christmas, lots of cool pressies! x

  5. ahh that's so cute that she was so worried about how much you spent on it ;) so jealous of your onesie, and your camera! looks like you had a lovely day,
    fashion junkie

  6. Ahhh I love that Alice in Wonderland present! xo

  7. Aw yay for your mum! Glad you had a great day! x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  8. you got some wonderful gifts! love your onsie ;)

  9. that camera is super cute! hehe xxo

  10. Your mum is so cute :) how much are you selling this layout for btw? I am very interested! xxx

  11. Aaaaw the reaction you got from your mum is adorable!
    I think everyones parents do the 'you shouldnt have' thing dont they! so sweet :)

    Love the horse print bag aswell, had my eye on it but it never seemed to materialise at my local river island :(
    merry christmas


  12. awww so sweet! your dog is beautiful! x


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