OK, joke ring! ;)

(... No, not me & Andrew!)

This bank holiday weekend, we are hosting a party/bbq at home to celebrate my mum and dad's recent engagement. Paper Themes sent my mum this gorgeous wedding planner so she can start planning the wedding. Inside the book there are sections for everything you could think of making it easier not forget anything. Inside are to-do lists, check lists and things you wouldn't even think about up until the last minute. Things like gift ideas for the bridesmaids! (Oh that's me ;]) The date is set for 4th October 2014 so we have way over a year but time flies!

Paper Themes are a company who produce all things customised and for events. You may remember a little while ago, I reviewed some cupcake wrappers from them which were so lovely! They have a whole wedding range which my mum is pondering over lately.  She is definitely considering ordering her wedding invitations from Paper Themes so maybe they will be the third thing I feature on my blog, who knows!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. Anonymous25/8/13

    You've put the wrong year :)

  2. Glad the sun has come out for your mums engagement party! This is such a lovely idea and your mums ring is gorgeous! So is her fake ring haha.

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  3. This is so lovely! Congrats to your mum and dad :) xx


  4. Aw it looks so cute. And I love your Mum's ring, so pretty and dainty!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  5. Anonymous29/8/13

    this is gorgeous, congrats to mummy and daddy llyd! xo


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