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I haave just realised I haven't shared this yet so I thought why not?

Last month, I headed to one of my favourite areas for shopping and food; Brick Lane. I met up with a friend from Uni and we hunted down some stylish ladies for some street style photos. What's your favourite?

I am currently in bed unwell doing a bit of intern work. I don't know whether I want water, hot chocolate or fresh orange juice. It was also payday yesterday. I feel like after selling so many of my precious clothes on Depop, I deserve to go out and buy new clothes? BUT I'M ILL. Typical. I also really need to catch up with pretty little liars!

I've decided I'm no longer in love with my blog and its content anymore. As of next month, I'm going to try and push myself and get it out there more. This means REGULAR outfit posts (not once a month Ashleigh!!!!!!!!!) and I'm going to try to attend more events. I need to meet up with some blogging ladies! It's been a while. Have a great weekend and think of me sniffing away feeling sorry for myself.

XO love, Ashleigh x


  1. Lovely little selection of styles, I especially love the third girl's outfit! If I wore that shirt I don't think I could have pulled it off as well as her somehow.

    I'm feeling exactly the same with my blog at the moment! I think it was fun in the beginning because it was all new and everything. But now it's turning into a bit of a chore. I'm hoping this is just a blip and I will feel inspired again soon. Awww you should definitely go to more events, it always feels like so much effort but once you're there you realise that it's worth it!

    Hope you feel better soon my love xxx

  2. I'm loving this black dress... she looks brilliant! Plus these pictures are lovely too, get well soon XX

  3. Ooh I love the first outfit, and the tie-dye mesh crop is ah-mazing! Hope you feel better soon :) xx

  4. Anonymous4/9/13

    LOVE this post, some really nice pictures. I think blogging change is always good, helps to keep you motivated :)

    hannah bee


  5. some really good style going on!

    Just come across your blog, it's really good!

    Mines new if you want to check it out --->



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