Blue Valentine


Dress & Boots: ASOS | Jacket & Scarf: H&M 

Happy Valentine's Day you beautiful bunch'a people! Unfortunately, I didn't wake up to pancakes and fresh orange juice this morning, nor did I have a bubble bath ready for me or rose petals scattered around my pillow as I woke up... LOL, cheese.

I have spent the whole day in London with my friend Conon. We popped to the V&A museum to visit the Club to Catwalk: Fashion in the 1980s exhibition. It was £5 entry but to be honest it wasn't worth it so I don't recommend visiting unless you're completely obsessed with fashion from the 80's! You wasn't allowed to take photos but if you check my Instagram, I took some sneaky snaps. I guess places don't understand that "no photography allowed" can be done... very easily!

I LOVE this dress so, so much. I originally saw Faye feature it in a video so as soon as pay day arrived, I found myself making a cheeky order. It's definitely a love/hate piece and definitely gets some I noticed when Conon was shooting these pictures! I was originally going to wear some heeled chelsea boots but didn't want to slip in the rain. Let's face it; that would have been pretty embarrassing and knowing my luck, it would have been in front of a lovely bearded man on such a lovey dovey day.

I'm now chilling in Starbucks with a few friends. Pretty chilled! I got drowned in the rain walking to the station which was pretty traumatic but hey ho.. it's pretty funny looking back at it now.

 Photos by Conon Moriarty

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  1. That dress is so adorable! Love these photos xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  2. My gosh, the print on that dress is adorable! Sounds like you're having a lovely Friday! ;) x

  3. you look incredible and I am v excited to see you next week. Although now I will be working so won't be able to make a day of things but I shall just meet you after I finish work? mwah xoxoxo

  4. Awesome outfit
    Super nice pics
    Very good :)

  5. This dress is insane, I love it!

  6. Oh wow the dress is gorgeous! And I love that lipstick on you :D

  7. Love this outift, you have my utter dream job xxx

  8. Hello, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award: check it out xox

  9. That dress is amazing! I love the ombre effect on your hair too :)


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