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 Bracelets, £3.85 each - Raspberry Grape*

I'm one of them people that enjoys stacking bracelets and rings so I look O.T.T. When Lauren contacted me, I was really impressed with everything she had to offer at such great prices too! Lauren kindly sent me three bracelets; the skull bracelet (comes in six different colours), the light blue peace bracelet and the cross bracelet (also comes in six different colours). The bracelets are adjustable too so they fit everyone! Lauren has recently added some new stock including some necklaces and some gorgeous rings so I really suggest you check out her shop! She also offers FREE UK delivery which is a bonus!

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  1. Anonymous10/5/12

    Ooh these are LOVELY! Lucky you!

    Mona x

  2. Aww these are cute! <3

  3. I love stacking bracelets! I'd love to put these with pretty pastel friendship bracelets :D xx

  4. Anonymous10/5/12

    these are lovely! definitely giving a visit when payday arrives :)

  5. LOVE these, the skull is so cute! xx

  6. Might just have to check the shop out :) xo


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