Encrusted phone case


Customised phone case cover - Encrusted*
By Kaitlin.

I chop and change iPhone cases all the time as I get bored really easily, but I'm sure you're already aware of that when it comes to my blog design!

Kaitlin asked if I would one of her customised phone cases. I wasn't really sure what to pick as I'm not into ~bling bling~ cases but I told her I like Hello Kitty, strawberries and Chanel and this is what arrived yesterday morning! I am over the moon with it! It is slightly on the tacky side but my three favourite things are on there and the fact it's been 100% handmade is just the cherry on top. Knowing each diamant√© was stuck on one by one and carefully arranged into a design really is something special.

Kaitlin takes orders through the Encrusted Facebook page. She offers a wide range of different designs if you need some help deciding what to choose from, but you can also select what you would and wouldn't prefer via the order form. She also does lots of designs for different models of phones! Check out the Facebook page for more details.

What do you think of my case?

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  1. I absolutely love these cases by Encrusted! Holding out until I upgrade to 4S before I invest though x

  2. I love cases like this although I think it'd irritate me personally if it was in my hands xo

  3. Anonymous12/5/12

    I've always looked at the customized, encrusted phone cases, but been a little iffy about them because I don't know how good they would last. But I think now I'm going to start getting some when I get an iPhone :)

  4. Anonymous12/5/12

    Your cover is sooooo "Bling bling" but I like it!!!!

  5. I love pretty phone case's, it's so cute. Love the way the diamontes go around the camera lense too! x

  6. That is literally amazing!! I bought a ridiculous one in Singapore over Christmas ($150 so about £70?! madness) and was completely in love with it until I got home and realised it covered up the iPhone's camera (tragic!), so now it just sits sad and rejected on my dressing table haaha! Such a silly purchase now I think about it, but I do completely love yours! x


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