Tweezerman Harajuku limited edition


Via:  RRP £27.00

A few weeks ago I won these tweezers via a Twitter competition that Feel Unique held. It was literally just a 'retweet and follow to enter' type of competition so I was really lucky to win!

This year's limited edition series sees Harajuku Lovers partenered with Tweezerman. There are five different tweezers in the collection; Angel (white), Love (red), G (blue), Music (green) and Baby. There's also one mirror in the collection (£14.00).

The lovely people from Feel Unique sent me the 'Baby' tweezers which are neon pink and the most fun colour! They feature two very sharp slanted blades which make it a lot easier to grab hair from the root and pull the hair out upwards and then down. Slanted blades also make it easier to shape the brow slightly more angled.

I find they remove hair really quickly and painlessly and I am not left with any red marks etc. Really impressed with them! Tweezerman also offer a free sharpening service which is always a bonus!

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  1. I have heard great things about these tweezers! Personally, I really on my Benefit tweezers, love them! xo

  2. I bought a pair of these while I was still at school (a very long time ago) and still have them and absolutely love them - amazing tweezers! x

  3. Anonymous14/5/12

    These look fab, I may have to add them to my wishlist! :) xo

  4. Anonymous18/5/12

    Argh they are sweet!!!!


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