two weeks in photos: 6th-19th May 2012

Morning crumpets · Sunday morning walk to work · Ombré growing out! · Made coco pops cakes with my Sister · Waiting for my driving instructor to turn up · Dressing like a boi · HP enthusiast · Deathly Hallows (P1) · Weird Jezza Kyle · Air max 90s ·Wednesday's outfit! (outfit post here· Giveaway winner! · Visited my grandparents · Nan made me lunch :) ·Thursday's outfit! · Saw 'Dark Shadows' :) · Saturday's face · Bought h&m riding pants (finally!) · h&m playsuit · Keep or return this crop top? (from Topperz!) · Saturday's purchases · Dyed my hair red!

001: I didn't do a weekly photo post last Sunday because I hadn't really photographed much to show but I have included some from last week in this weeks!

002: Had nearly fifteen driving lessons now and I'm feeling rather confident. I haven't done my theory yet meaning I can't sit my practical yet but I really feel I will be ready by my 20th lesson! I bought a theory disk from the pound shop yesterday which has hazard awareness videos on it and stuff so I'm hoping that helps me. Really want a car ready for Uni in September! Goals, goals, goals!

003: Major change is my hair! I've had the ~ombré for almost a year now which is a very long time for me considering I always used to change my hair colour! I've been wanting a change for a while now (as part of my "fresh new start" to life) but was undecided on a colour. I chose to go back to red. Red was "my" colour when I was 16/17. I literally dyed it every week to keep the colour vibrant which was obviously no good for my hair but that's all a part of growing up, right?! I'm not sure how long I will keep it red as I get really bored easily. The only reason I kept the ombré for so long is because I bleached it and probably won't bleach it again... soo damaging!

004: Big well done to Emma from I CAN'T WALK IN HEELS who won my Lomography camera giveaway! So many of you entered so thank you! Keep your eyes peeled for the next giveaway :)

Have you been up to much this week?

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  1. I love your Style. Good Luck with your driving lessons hun!! :)


  2. Good luck with the rest of your lessons and your theory!

  3. Great photos, I love your spiked necklace. Good luck with the driving lessons xx

  4. Your hair looks amazing red! x

  5. I probably shouldn't have laughed at that Jezza headline :')
    Good luck with your theory love! I found the Hazard perception test get's so annoying after the first few clip's!


  6. Good luck with your theory when you do it! You should keep that top I love how you've worn it with the denim xx

  7. Great photos! Good luck with theory when you do it :)

  8. Saw that Jeremy Kyle, made me laugh soo much! Haha!
    You've made me crave crumpets now, I'm gonna have to go shop & fetch some! Good luck with the theory & loving the red!

  9. Crumpets! I miss it so much. They're like nowhere to be found in South America and I just can't find a good - and easy - recipe. Jealous!


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