Weekend Wishlist


001: Only a quick post today as I'm out all day (only shopping!) and won't have much time to blog next week (although I am trying to schedule some posts!). Just a mixture of some things that have been sitting in my ebay 'watch list' for months on end and some new things! 

002: Would be an "impulse buy" if I bought the sunglasses considering I'm as blind as a bat. Yeah, I wear glasses. I don't think there's any bloggy pics on here or my instagram (@ashllyd) as I don't like photos of me in them! However, I have worn them since I was around six! Might get them anyway though, hey-ho!

003: Saw the roshe runs on a girl in Westfield the other day and actually screamed with delight at how beautiful they were. Immediately got home and googled them. They are a part of the summer collection released by Nike so I can't find them on ebay yet! I actually realised the other day how much I dress like a boy. I own dresses and skirts but hardly wear them if I'm honest. I love trainers, beanies and printed leggings! Looking at the whole wishlist, I would actually pair the leggings, top, necklace and trainers together, maybe even the sunnies too!

004: You may have realised I got off my bum the other day and took some outfit photos. Would you like to see more of my outfits? I want to get into a strict blogging schedule but need to know what you guys like to read!
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  1. I really like those leggings!

  2. Love those leggings! I'd really like to see some more outfit posts, that sounds great! xx

  3. I have some leggings like that, I love them. Those ones are a mega bargain too! I'd definitely like to see more outfit posts :) x

  4. That necklace is now on sale in Topshop, I got it the other day for £3.50 ;)
    Love those leggings!

  5. i love the leggings, the pattern is soo pretty (: xx

  6. Ooh I love the sunglasses!



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