Gee Horsfield Illustration


I'm sure you've already noticed my cropped version of this as the opening picture on the sidebar of ASHLLYD but I just wanted to write a little post about it! It was created by Gee Horsfield; a freelance illustrator based in Bristol, UK. Gee currently offers five different styles of illustrations to choose from all of which are digitally drawn. Gee's rates are really good and it only took about two weeks for her to email me over the illustration and she was still prepared to work on it if I wasn't happy. However, I love it! I love my stripy shirt, frilly socks and creepers! I just, love, love, love it! Thank you Gee!

Disclaimer: I bought this illustration myself. Gee has not paid me or asked me to write about her illustrations. I just really recommend her services!

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  1. Ooh this is gorgeous! I love her style :) It really looks like you! x

  2. This is so cute! Love it! xx


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