New work: FMP PREVIEW!


On Saturday, I visited places that significant to my childhood, as part of my Final Major Project for college. This church was  infront of a flat that I lived in from around the ages of 8-11 in Islington, North London. The flat itself is situated on a dead-end road so it was blissfully quiet 24 hours a day! The church bells chimed every Sunday and we often saw wedding celebrations from our balcony. It was lovely.

This is a digital file but my final pictures are all shot in film; some 35mm and some are polaroids. I will be scanning them in pretty soon and blogging about them all, so you can visit all the places like I did! I just wanted to get a little sneak preview up.
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  1. Your layout is so cool! Literally everytime I go on your blog, your layout changes! I wish I was as creative as you! The church looks so classic and calm.

  2. i love churches, always thought they are beautiful. well captured :) looking forward seeing more of your photos! xo

  3. Looking forward to seeing the final photos! x

  4. Look forward to seeing your final pictures :) loving the new layout btw! x

  5. what a pretty little church! Looking forward to seeing more of your photo's :)


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