Can you all believe Elsie is a YEAR OLD next week? It only seems like yesterday that I went and picked up a chubby, chocolate bundle with massive paws and was introducing her to you guys!

We potty trained Elsie the hard and very much long-winded way. We trained her the exact same way that everyone tells you to. We bought some puppy training pads and put these down for her around the house back in the early days. Of course, there were some days where we had accidents but I would say it took her around 2 months to understand that her pads were there for her to do her business.

We eventually lessened the amount of pads that were around the house and placed just the one right by the backdoor to the garden. Soon enough, Elsie was confined to just this area and we then moved it outside so she could follow her scent. We had to wait a while to do this until she had her vaccinations at 12 weeks old. It's now second nature to her to let us know when she needs the toilet and we let her outside to do so.

However, is there an easier and cheaper alternative to toilet training your puppy? Yes, there is! Modern Puppies has proven to toilet train over 50,000 puppies. How, do you ask?

The Modern Puppies Potty Training Puppy Apartment (PTPA) , is a crate like box; with a separate bathroom and bedroom for your puppy. With enough patience and practice, your puppy can learn in just THREE days to use their 'bathroom' separately from where they sleep.

Benefits include:

  • No more accidents around the home.
  • No more waking up early.
  • No more rushing home from work.
  • No more extreme weather issues. 
Check out the video below to see how it works!

This is a perfect way to potty train your puppy up to the first 4-5 months of their baby life. You can get different sizes too for anything from tiny breeds, to XXXL breeds! After training is complete, you can use it as a regular crate and even use the old bedroom area to store your pup's food and water! If you're buying a puppy in the colder months, you will not want them to be  outside for too long. Considering I bought Elsie in January, the Puppy Apartment would have been perfect for us!

I highly recommend a Puppy Apartment for easiness when it comes to puppy toilet training. Why stress yourself out when you have the answer right here?

Oh and... to celebrate Elsie's 1 year birthday, you can get 5% off a Puppy Apartment with my code DOG66. 

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Modern Puppies. All words are my own.


  1. This looks like a good technique if you don't have the time to spend cleaning up after lots of accidents and if you're going things the hard way. Don't think it will work for our kitten tho 😂

    Mel ★

  2. I cant believe Elsie is 1 already!! Cute


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