I have reviewed a couple of salons on my blog and always like to try out new brands to see whether they  are better than previous experiences; all of which have been good infact. I will be rounding these all up in a post coming soon on the best London salons. 

Last week, I was given the opportunity to review The Toni and Guy salon branch on Baker Street, London. Located a 5 minute walk away from Baker Street tube station, I found it very easily, tucked away on a quiet road of shops and restaurants. 

I was booked in for a Saturday midday appointment and was very surprised to see the salon was empty when I arrived. An absolute dream for me as it was quiet (with no kids running about - what a bonus!), so it was really nice to spend the afternoon with all of the branch's team and have a good chat about trends and social media tips. 

My colour was booked in with the salon manager, Flo. My hair had about 8-9 weeks of growth, so it was quite a job for Flo, but she pulled it out of the bag like Wonder Woman! 

Flo bleached my roots whilst I ate skittles and biscuits from their Halloween store party the night before. My roots needed bleaching and toning twice as that's how outgrown they were. I should add that I never usually leave it this long but I usually get my mum to do my roots at home but she's been away a lot recently.

I wanted to keep my grey hair and just freshen the colour, so Flo used Jerome Russell's Silver Toner, which I have actually reviewed before here and looks like purple hair dye on the head!  These are my favourite toners to use as they actually make my hair grey without having that dreaded purple hint (unless that's your thing!). I also love the pink one in the range too for a quick and temporary colour. I also saw in the shops recently that there are now also lilac, mint and blue shades added to the range. 

Flo the used a deep conditioning treatment from Keresten, which comes in a green spray bottle for dry hair. She also used a bonding treatment which I was told is a bit like Opalex. This restored the elasticity and virgin hair like feel to my hair, which is great to use, especially after bleaching. 

Once my colour was complete, it was time for my cut and blow dry. My stylist was called Stefano and he was the loveliest person. He really listened to what I required and didn't go scissor happy, like what most hair stylists do. We had a little chat about my hair and agreed a fringe wouldn't be a good idea on white hair, as straightening it everyday would cause breakage. Instead, we agreed on a side fringe/bangs. I didn't want much cut off the length, as I am trying to grow my hair long. Again, he listened to what I wanted and actually gave my hair a trim and not a chop! 

He then finished the look by blow drying my hair and styling it wavy. I walked away feeling like a million dollars! 

Thank you so much to Flo and Stefano at Toni and Guy on Baker Street for listening to the requests that I wanted. I fully recommend booking both of these stylists for colours and cuts. I shall definitely be returning in the near future. I promise not to leave it over two months next time! 

Keep your eye out for my round up post on the best London salons you must visit. This will be hitting my blog in early 2017! 

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary visit in exchange for an honest review on my blog. 


  1. Looks incredible! Can't believe the roots needed bleaching twice, what a nightmare 😂

    Allie | Rush + Teal

    1. Thanks lovely! Yeah, it was a nightmare. Definitely not leaving it that long again!

  2. This makes me miss having my hair like this! Looks fab x

  3. It looks SO gorgeous! Love the curly finish, too :)


  4. Loved reading your hair salon experience and blog in general. Come and say hi!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

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    Twitter @alionawithlove


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