Imagine it now. Really the middle of July. You've been slaving away at your desk and have found yourself daydreaming about one thing and one thing only. It's tall, dark and somewhat handsome. No, I'm not talking about the hot receptionist downstairs; I'm talking about a tall, ice cold glass of coke. 

You know there is one sitting perched in the office fridge, in all its glory, waiting to be washed down. However, you also know that you didn't brave the lunch time queues to buy it and so, it doesn't belong to you. You know it's probably George's; the guy at the back of the office who cannot function without his daily intake of cold caffeine. Or, it could even belong to the intern that only joined your office two weeks ago. 

So, what do you do? 

Do you: 

A) Take the drink out of the fridge and drink it and hopefully no one will notice it's missing. 
2) Head out on your lunch break to buy a can of drink. 
C). Suffer in silence and try to ignore your caffeine cravings. 

Personally, I would never take someone else's food or drink from the office fridge, but according to a recent survey by Data Label; people's food and drink in communal office fridges, go missing all the time. 

My own fridge at work lacks severe good hygiene so I would never even think about putting food or drink in there; let alone stealing things that I haven't bought myself. It really got me thinking about how many people in offices are actually that cheeky to take someone else's food or drink and claim it as their own. How can you have the audacity to do so?!

I'm not sure how I would react if I found someone in my office was pinching my food or drink. However, a passive aggressive note would probably be the most hilarious form of letting them know YOU KNOW. Check out all these funny notes people have written and left the culprit to find in office environments! 

There was even this one that went viral on Facebook! The guy kept having his sandwiches stolen from the work fridge, so he decided to leave a passive aggressive note ON the fridge. The culprit ended up leaving notes back to him and it went on for a while! I guess some people just absolutely love turkey sandwiches, huh?!

Confession time! Have you ever stolen from the office fridge? Or, have you HAD your items stolen? 

Disclaimer: Collaborative post. 


  1. Anonymous4/11/16

    This is the stupidest blog post I've ever seen in my life


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