A few weeks ago, I was invited along to review the press opening of the London Bridge Phobophobia Experience. If you know me in person, you will know I absolutely love anything to do with Halloween, horrors and pretty much anything that suppresses my fears. 

The London Bridge Experience is a popular attraction to visit whilst in London. To go alongside Halloween, they have introduced the Ventriloquist experience; which does unfortunately finish today being Halloween! However, the usual London Bridge Experience is available every day by booking through AttractionTix

Upon arrival, we queued for a while and waited to be ticked off the guest list. It's located underneath London Bridge so it was a bit of mission to find but once we found it; we realised there was actually a tube exit right opposite!

Once we entered, there was people from Reptile Events with a royal python and corn snakes. I'm not someone who has much experience with any kind of reptile, but I decided to hold one. I absolutely loved the corn snakes. It's so weird how your brain imagines snakes to be slimy and not very nice to touch; but they are actually the opposite. 

All the snakes are rescued by Reptile Events as people tend to buy snakes for a 5 minute wonder and then give them away or abandon them. I am always about supporting animal charities and rescue centres so please do check them out and support them in any way you can. 

After having fun with the snakes, we were given the opportunity to mingle and eat brain sweets (they were so good haha). It was so cool to meet other people and find out where everyone was from before the actual experience started. 

On our name badges was a number and this was the group number you were in for the experience. Fortunately, I was group 7 which was the very last group! 

I don't want to give too much away to ruin The London Bridge experience. However, everyone (including myself), came out sweating and almost in tears with adenanline and fear. At one point, I was the group leader so I got the brunt of all the scary bits. 

My biggest tips are to get your eyes adjusted to the dark before moving on, as you are in pitch black most of the time. Do not touch the walls too much and look around every corner... and more importantly, keep looking over your shoulder! 

The Ventriqulouist experience involved clowns and circus themes as you go from room to room throughout the tour. Even though today is the last day for this, the normal London Bridge experience is just as good! 

Ticket prices start from £15.50 for adults and from £13.25 for children and can be purchased at AttractionTix. I highly recommend going along if you love things like this. I certainly came out a little terrified of walking back to the tube station in the dark! 

Disclaimer: I was invited along to review the experience. All words are my own and I do 100% recommend the experience. 

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  1. Oh god this looks terrifying! I really wish I could stomach horror films and gory stuff but I'm such a baby haha. Looks like you had fun though chick :) x

    Always, Alice


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