As days are getting shorter and Christmas is getting closer, I thought it was time to dive into the world of interiors to make sure I keep my house warm and bright this winter. Whether you’re looking for that Oxford Street shine or Carnaby Streets sparkle, here are a few top tips to revitalise your home this increasingly dark and cold season.

White is Light
This is the most general tip I have for you this Christmas and probably the most obvious. What better creates and masks light other than white? If you’re thinking of adding furniture or hanging pictures, try to keep white a priority. The power of white comes from its ability to open up the house, making it feel bigger and more spacious - perfect for inviting family or guests over for a big meal.  Not only does it reflect light, it also creates a simple and elegant feel, adding to a modern theme. 

That Stand-Out Piece of Furniture
Feeling like white is too plain? Too boring? That’s alright because what better way to brighten up your house then buying one brightly coloured piece of furniture. For the best effect, place the item in a room of neutral tones to boost its appearance and enhance the overall aesthetics of the room. Whether it’s a sofa, a lamp or even decorations, create a buzz this Christmas by experimenting with bold patterns and block colours, trying something a little different.

The Perfect Lamp
Whether illuminating your home or bringing warmth to the eerie winter, a lamp is the perfect way to add that super stylish touch to your house this Christmas. One of the most important things you have to think about when buying the perfect lamp is where it will be placed. Situate the lamp as the centre piece in your room to have your guests talking for months. Want a little tip? My new favourite lighting company, Lampcommerce, provides one-of-a-kind luxury lighting and is home to big brands such as Artemide and Fabbian. With such a large and beautiful range, you are sure to find the right lamp for you this winter. 

The Artistic Twist
Not wanting to spend money? I don’t blame you. The Christmas season can empty pockets faster than you can say ‘mince pie’. However, there are many ways to enhance the house whilst remaining thrifty. Take painting for example. Grab a few pots of Dulux paint, not only to transform your home and save money but make a festive activity the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re going red or blue, a pattern or full, room or just a wall, this is the perfect way to lighten your home this winter. 

Those Fabulous Accessories
What better way to lighten up your house this Christmas then adding some jazzy accessories? Just by adding a mirror, you can lighten up a room and create an open environment. Finish with a few furry rugs or colourful throws to truly illuminate your house this winter. My favourite accessory this fall is definitely Urban Outfitters ShellyRound Velvet Cushion. Coming in three different colours, these fun yet sophisticated pillows would fit into any home.

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  1. I'm so into home decor at the moment, and couldn't agree more with the white tip! My room looks so much bigger just since adding white bed covers :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx


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