White Noise


Top: New York | Topshop Riding Pants | H&M Bomber Jacket | Nike Thea Trainers 

As soon as I saw this tee in a gift shop in NYC I knew I had to have it despite it probably actually being more of a 'tourist thang'. I haven't worn my riding pants in ageeees but dug them out this weekend and I forgot how comfortable they are and sometimes, lets face it; all a girl wants is just comfort instead of jeans.

This weekend has been really lovely and chilled. I don't usually do much on weekends but last night I popped out for a cheeky milkshake despite being on a diet and joining the gym which is still going rather well! Today is Father's Day but my dad is currently in Portugal on his stag weekend so today is being spent around my aunt's for a family dinner which means I get to hang out with my favourite person in the world; my little cousin! Yippee!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. x

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