BRB - Off To Catch A Plane


By the time this goes up, I'll be on my way to the airport to catch a plane with Josh to an island in Greece. I am super duper excited as I haven't been on a beach holiday in a few years.

I'm working with a lot of brands on different and exciting things so I was going to take my macbook to blog everyday out there but I kinda just need a break from everything!

Soooo, I will be back at the beginning of August with loads of fashion and lifestyle content to share with you all which I will be shooting on my swanky new Go Pro Hero 4.

Oh and yes, my hair is now quite short. And pink. Not forgetting that vital detail. I feel about twelve years old but ya know... life is too short! Peace out!


  1. What island are you going to? I went on a trip through a few of them back in June and it was epic!

    Ben |

  2. Love your hair! And have fun on holiday :)

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  3. hey thanks for stopping by my blog :) hope you enjoy your holiday, look forward to seeing your pictures x


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