Six Safety Festival Tips


I am heading to my first major festival this summer and apart from feeling super excited about wearing a floral headband, dancing to live music with cider in the sun and fan girling at Paloma Faith on stage; there are a few drawbacks. What if my camera gets stolen? What if my cider gets spiked? What if a crowd form a mosh pit and crush me? ANYTHING is possible!

I was having a little read of this handy little Female First guide on safety tips by Pryers Solicitors and it really got me thinking about the ages of people who go to festivals these days. They seem to be getting younger and younger which is a little frightening considering bad things can happen at festivals if you are not careful.

I chose my top six safety tips for any festival that you are attending. It's so important to be safe rather than sorry!

Let's get started.

1. Keep your drinks close to you
Thankfully, I have never had a drink spiked but it's a very common thing and therefore a very scary prospect. Common sense really, but never leave your drink on its own or accept that drink offer from dodgy Dave.

2. Drink plenty of water
Most people (including myself!) forget to drink enough water. Your body is made up of around 60% of water so imagine a hot day at a festival. You will sweat a LOT so you need to make up for that water loss. It is so important to keep hydrated every day but especially in the summer. If you are consuming alcohol at a festival this year, don't go too crazy and remember to replenish your body with water too!

3. Safe sex
A bit of a taboo subject that we all avoid at the best of times, but one that is so important to mention. Nobody wants to come home with a nasty STD that you caught from sexy Sarah or buff Billy from that cheeky and heated session in the tent at Reading festival this year. Cover your stump before you hump!

4. Sexual assaults
Again, another taboo subject but one all us ladies need to be aware of especially if you are single. Drunk ladies are most at risk of sexual assault due to not being aware of their surroundings. Don't wander off on your own, keep in areas full of people and be sensible with your alcohol intake.

5. Keep your valuables close
I would hate to come home with no camera or no mobile phone after realising when it is too late. If you are camping at a festival this year then sleep with your valuables at the end of the tent where your head is and underneath your pillow or inside your sleeping bag. This will make it much more difficult for sneaky Simon to pinch it at 4AM!

6. Speak up
If you see someone who is unwell or acting a bit dodgy, then tell the staff. You could be saving the day in the long run! You could be super(wo)man for the day?


  1. Such a good piece, festivals should be fun, but you always need to take care and be aware.


  2. Great tips! Thankfully all my festival experiences have been great and I've had no trouble but it's always good to be aware of whats going on! xo


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