Day Out To Madame Tussauds #DoMoreWithAvios


On Saturday, I took Josh out on a date which was so much fun as it wasn't anything like we've done before. We travelled to Baker Street in Central London and spent a few hours in the one and only.. Madame Tussauds.

For the past month, Avios launched a campaign called #DoMoreAvios. It's all about putting on your exploring shoes, grabbing an oyster card and heading out to London for an adventure. Avios is a rewards points scheme where you can collect points to spend on vital things such as groceries and wine... (wine is vital for some people, hey!). 

The campaign is featured around the idea that you can send an invite to your favourite person in the world offering them the chance to help you spend your points. How lovely is that?

I was asked to choose my favourite person and it got me thinking as it was a very tough decision! There's my sister who's practically my best friend, my mum who supports me with every decision I make (hopefully she did with this one!) and then there's Josh my boyfriend who hasn't ever been to London. SHOCK HORROR. So, I just had to choose him! 

Here are some of our favourite wax models we saw. Some of them look SO realistic that it was freaking us out a bit!

A selfie with E.T just had to be done. Such a childhood classic! Kim K was also there but I'm not really a fan plus it took long enough to queue for a photo with Kanye!

Bolt was doing his well known pose and I think Spielberg looks SO realistic! I felt like it was really him standing next to me! 

Incase you haven't already noticed in pics of Josh; he has a tattoo on the side of his arm of Mr Robin Williams himself so he was very excited to see him standing there! 

We then went for dinner at Bill's and both ordered the limited edition chicken burger which I was a bit disappointed in. Damn I wish I had listened to my gut instinct and ordered the chicken and asparagus pasta!

We haven't been on a date together in so long so we both had a really nice day. It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that things like adventures and date nights soon slow down due to weekends being over before you know it and the routine of Mon-Fri 9-5 jobs starting again. So, we are very grateful to the guys at Avios for providing such a nice day out for us. Thank you!

Ashleigh x

Disclaimer: #DoMoreWithAvios is a campaign so I was provided with two tickets to a London tourist attraction of my choice in return for a blog post about our day. 



  1. great place to see :)

    1. Totally agree! I want to visit other tourist attractions now.

      Ashleigh x

  2. I love Madame Tussauds, just so much fun. That piccie with ET is fabulous.


  3. I haven't been to Madame Tussauds in YEARS - must go back again, I bet there won't be a single waxwork the same as there was in the 90s!

    1. Haha, nope everything is new! The planetarium is no more either. It's now a cinema screen! We watched a 10 minute marvel film!


  4. I've never been but heard nothing but great things. Looks like you had a fab time. I love the selfie with Kanye!

    Chelsea |

  5. Love these photos, looks like such an adorable day out!


  6. nice post,it is clear that you had a nice day,i like the photos! x


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