10 (Cheesy) Happy Weekend Things


It's not until I'm on my own with nothing but a dog for company and the music channel that I begin to think about my life and reflect upon everything that is going on. Anyone who is a freelancer/full time blogger or works from home will completely understand me when I say life can get lonely. Therefore, this weekend I got away from home and stayed at Josh's.

So, truthfully, I haven't really done anything this weekend other than reply to copious amounts of emails, chilling with Josh and sorting out plans for Royal Ascot next week. However, it's these types of weekends I love because of how much affection I am shown from someone who only has to smile at me and my whole mood is lifted.

I've been mentally storing notes in my brain of little things that have happened over the weekend that have made me smile. Most of them involve Josh. Prepare for the cheesy stuff. I want to remember these moments forever. 

(Oh, having a blog is so amazing because I can do JUST that! hehe)

My image. 

1) We've had takeaways and cookies and doughnuts ALL weekend. Not something my body will be very thankful for but sometimes it's nice to just not care, mong out and stuff your face with food.

2) On a recent shop, we picked a film for a movie night and I was allowed to choose the film. It's the little things!

3)  And whilst on the subject. Late night supermarket trips. There's something weirdly satisfying about them. Or am I the only one?

4) My iPhone is on its last legs. The home button is broken and Siri keeps popping up shouting random stuff at me. I also can't close apps. Annoying. Josh sat there with my phone with the aim of fixing it and he did.... for ten minutes before it broke again. At least he tried!

5) Okay so Josh has this big scary looking dog called Malcolm but for the first time yesterday he (Malc, not Josh - that would be a bit weird) climbed up onto the bed when I was doing my emails and laid on my legs and then later on kept licking me. I guess he now approves of the new GF?!

6) Waking up at 6AM being snuggled is really quite lovely y'know.

7) Late night deep talks. They always mean so much more when the clock has struck after midnight, don't they?

8) Being told I look beautiful. Randomly.

9) Holiday plans. Oh yes. More on that soon but yippeeeeee! I haven't been away since NYC last year so I am seriously desperate to update my travel section on here!

10) Imperfectly perfect. That's the only way I can describe me and Josh. I annoy him, he annoys me but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy weekend. I hope yours has been as delightful as mine?


  1. Love a late night shop. The amount of bargains you get 😂!

    Kirsty xx

    1. Oh my goodness, I know! We got there just as night staff were starting their shifts and the tanoy shouted out DISCOUNTED SANDWICHES ARE NOW AT THE FRONT OF THE STORE! Ha ha.


  2. I just saw a very old friend that I have not seen for 5 years. That was good.

  3. That is such a sweet post! I can totally relate to all the points of a great weekend you've mentioned:)
    I wish my boyfriend wasn't away now, but I spend quite some time working on my blog this weekend.

    xx Tatiana

  4. I've had popcorn all weekend! Honestly, I've eaten too much of it if I'm honest. It sounds like you've had fun. Enjoy Royal Ascot!

    1. Mmmm i was meant to go cinema this weekend (purely for popcorn) but didn't end up going! Thanks, it sounds so exciting! Cannot wait to dress up :)

  5. I can related to your post, but instead of having a lonely weekend. I had a full-on eating out and meeting friends. I am exhausted now, but happy! Have a good week! R

    1. Eating out and meeting friends sounds well up my street!
      Glad you had a good weekend. Have a great week!


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