Illustrated People



Illustrated People are one of my favourite t-shirt brands that create illustrated printed t-shirts; either black on white or white on black. Some of their stock can be found in some flagship Topshop stores such as the famous Oxford Street one, but can also sometimes be found online too.

Every item they offer appeals to me. I'm a really lazy dresser at the moment. I literally just pair t-shirts with leggings, disco pants or jean shorts and I am good to go. I defininitely need some more quirky t-shirts in my wardrobe so I will be treating myself to something from Illustrated People's website soon!

I selected my top four favourite items to feature on this post. Their direct links can be found above. Everything is around the £20-£30 mark but I think that is reasonable. I know I will get a lot of wear out of printed t-shirts with quirkiness like these so every penny would be worth it!

Definitely check out their website here. They stock so much and will also be offering a men's section soon too! They also have a blog herefacebook and twitter

Will you be purchasing anything? Do you have a particular favourite item?

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this. Illustrated People are unaware!


  1. Love Illustrated People! Their designs are always really unique! <3

    Ellen xx

  2. Love these style of tops! x

  3. I own some t-shirts by this brand and I love them. x

  4. Love all of them, especially the 4th one.

  5. Adore this brand, I have one of their dinosaur tee's from Topshop and I love these tee's also! I think one of these with disco pants or with leggings can look really stylish accesorized up :)

  6. Love all of them!
    Claudia xxx

  7. Love these, the "NUDE" one is definitely my favourite. Might have to buy it soon!

  8. they are really cool - i also love Orange Circle for quirky tees!

  9. Love the third one :) xx

  10. I love their stuff, all of these are freakin amazin! Think I'm leaning towards the NUDE one maybe.. or the A. Actually, yeah, I just like them all xx


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