My Week in photos 04.03.12 - 11.03.12


Coolest socks in the world? · Dairy milk bubbly · P0S3R · Last minute work · Chicken nugget fulfilment · First MAC lipstick! · First Graze box! · Sunday roast after a long day's work :]

This week has consisted of handing in my second last assignment of the year and food (as always). I have been working more hence why I am a bit behind on replying to emails and tweets but bare with me! I have some exciting reviews coming up, but not too sure when. Will have to wait to see what goodies the postman brings me next week!

I ordered my first Graze box the other day and it arrived yesterday. May have eaten all four trays in one day (oops), but I am really impressed with the food items that were chosen to me, the delivery, service and the packaging! I won't be reviewing it as I was too eager to stop and take photos along the way, but my first box contained: Pina colada (dried coconut, mango and pineapple), Jaffa Cake (dark chocolate buttons and hazelnuts), Apple & Cinnamon flapjacks (they have lots to choose from!) and Billionaire's shortbread (small fudge squares, dried cranberries and chocolate pieces). Really recommend Graze nibble boxes!

Apologies for the late(ish) post. I have been at work all day and then went to see a film afterwards. Totally forgot about scheduling this last night!

Hope you have all had a good weekend!


  1. Looking forward to the reviews! My housemate gets the graze box and they always look awesome! I love those ladybird socks. xx

  2. ohhh fabulous girl! I need to get in on some graze! what shade lippy did you get? xx

  3. Yummy food :) nice to see you got your first Mac lippy, I am yet to own one sadly lol.x

  4. Great photos :)
    Definitely the coolest socks!! Love them!

  5. Love your socks, they're so cute. Ruby Woo is so pretty, you should check out Russian Red by MAC too!
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  6. Can't beat the Graze boxes, I remember me and the people I lived with last year all signing up together as they were free at the time if you were a new subscriber (not sure if they still run that same offer?) and everywhere you looked there was one of these boxes lying around! Tasty though.
    Looks like you had a good week :) x

  7. I did the exact same thing with my first graze box. Those apple cinnamon flapjacks are amazing! xx


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