Nanny Dougherty


Ashleigh Dougherty © 2011.
'June & Rob' project, May/June 2011.
Film - Fuji Superia 400.
(click for a larger version!)

My USB has finally broke which means I should probably buy a new one but in all honesty, it's been broken for months and I am just lazy. Having backed up everything a few months ago, I found the stored folder with lots of photographs I have not shared with you! 

Unfortunately the negative strip that this frame was shot on is slightly ruined due to nobody's fault but my own. It somehow got 'bent' in my locker which is why everything is a little off place. Saying that, it's one of my favourite photographs I shot over the few months I was undergoing project June & Rob. 

This is my Nan's bedroom, but let's not tell her I have blogged about it on the interweb as she will quite literally, whack me with an ashtray. 

Oh, and if you're wondering what the weird alien like shadow is behind the curtain ... it's a crab alarm clock that starts dancing when it goes off and it has smarties for eyes. However, it's now stopped working... 


  1. The curtains do look very stange, good job you added that last comment haha! I think your nans room is so cute!

  2. A crab alarm clock with Smarties for eyes?! Sounds both mad and amazing at the same time :-)

    Brilliant shot, I actually like the imperfections - it feels more real!

    Jem xXx

    P.S You might fancy entering my giveaway if you'd like to win a little something pretty and vintage!

  3. Awesome pic x


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