My (alright) week in photos 12.03.12 - 17.03.12


 Bubble bath · Dewy cobweb · Early morning fog · Lunch time blog post planning! · The Dog chewed my Mum's Jasper Conran glasses! · (more) chicken nuggets & bbq sauce · Finding old clothes and loving them all over again! · Season 1 The Walking Dead! · Saturday shopping with my Mum & Sister, lunch time! · Best thing about M&S · Am I too old for this lunch bag? · Outfit · Deciding who to murder first... · New ring; "Sully the Skully" · Cute socks · Even cuter on!

I haven't done much this week if I am honest. I've just had one of them weeks where I appear to have done nothing, yet I've done something every day of the week?

London had a really bad foggy morning on Thursday. It was far too tempting to stay in bed, however I took a stroll to college and got on with the day. I came across a cob web that was dewy from the morning rain and I thought it looked rather cool. Spiders amaze me. The way cobwebs are structured are so clever, but I still hate spiders with a vengeance. 

I've been working a lot more at work which is always good. Only doing four hours a week is never a good thing when pay day comes. I think my next pay day (roll on 31st March, please?) is going to be a good one but there's nothing I majorly want. Typical, eh?

I'm going to tell the world now as I feel I need to add some closure onto the whole subject. You may remember about a month ago, I posted that me and my Boyfriend, Todd had decided to split up for various reasons. However, we got back together but I just never really tweeted or posted much about us, so it's probably appeared I'm single, however I wasn't. Well, now I am. We have decided that we're both not happy together any more which really saddens me. It really hasn't sunk in yet so I'm trying not to think about it too much and keep my chin up. He was my Boyfriend of nearly two and a half years and a good friend for longer so it's quite tough. I'm not really sure what else to say. I post more about my personal feelings on Tumblr if you fancy reading anything else. Following on from this, I decided to adventure into town yesterday with my Mum and Sister for some retail therapy. Nothing is better. Finally got them pastel frilly socks that everyone has and a cute new skull ring which looks more like a 'monkey' according to Iddy*! I also finally picked up Bourjois' chocolate bronzing powder, however it hasn't wow'd me... yet? It was between that and Sleek's face kit but the local Superdrug in town doesn't stock Sleek!

*Iddy: Someone I didn't even mean to start talking to. Someone who is now a huge part of my life. Someone who I have spoken to everyday for nearly two months. Someone who has helped me when I am low and made me feel on top of the world. Someone who has every thing (no exaggeration) in common with me. Someone who is a geek like myself and enjoys nothing better than a duvet and plenty of geeky films. Someone who I will be sharing a lot of memories with. Someone who is almost** a best friend.
** I don't want to jinx anything!

5 other things I have done this week but not mentioned:
1) Drove home for the first time on just my forth driving lesson! I didn't stall, crash or panic!
2) Went to see This Means War with Iddy. BRILLIANT film. So funny! 
3) Saw half of Safehouse. Most confusing film I've seen, other than Shutter Island...
4) Started a new TV series 'The Ringer'. Really loving it so far! Also started watching The Vampire Diaries. I'm a bit late I know!
5) Dropped BBQ sauce all down one of my favourite t-shirts from Topshop. Gr8.

5 blogs I have been reading this week: 
1) Briar Rose (most beautiful hair I have ever seen & posts lovely outfits)
2) Katie and the mimzy (posts photography, really inspires me)
3) Violet E. (has a similar style to myself, posts the most amazing outfit posts in really interesting backgrounds, lovely furniture!)
4) Annette Pehrsson (another photographer / posts BEAUTIFUL photographs, has inspired me for about a month! favourite read at the moment)
5) Hannah Louise Fashion (outfit blogger & a lovely girl, definitely check her out!)


  1. Those Topshop socks are so pretty. I have seen so many I want in that style, I am going to try them poking out of boots with some I have then if I like I will expand my collection (: Oh my.. percy pigs are my favourite!

  2. Could read your blog all day ashleigh :) I think you wrote a post about tips for someone wanting to start a blog, could you link me to it please? Can't seem to find it. xx

    1. Aw thank you! I can't seem to comment on any of your posts directly so hopefully you come back to check if I have replied! The post can be found here:
      I'm addicted to The Walking Dead too! I hate all zombie movies but am addicted to TWD! Can't wait to watch tonight's episode :D x

  3. Ohhh glad you're enjoying 'The Ringer' I absolutely love it! Sorry to hear about things with your bf, nothing like retail therapy though :) lotsa love

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog - I'm flattered!

  5. Can I say I've seen you in the bath now?

  6. Love those socks, definitely need them in my life! I hope you are okay too. I went through a similar thing at the end of last year. Things are much better now. It will take time xx

  7. I love your Topshop socks! Just letting you know that I do accept commissions at the mo :) Just drop me an email!


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