My Week in photos: 25.02.12 - 03.03.12


 Cinema with Iddy · Outfit 1 · Testing lighting · Beans on toast with extra cheese (of course) · Outfit 2 · Photoshoot day · Photoshopping · Cheesy spaghetti · ASDA trip · First time trying Splats, very impressed! · Spicy pizza · Getting ready · Nail varnish colour dilemma · Pastel nails · Saturday night party time! · Teasing Maisy.

I swear I never realise how much bad food I eat until I do these posts every week! 

I saw Woman in Black with Iddy for the second time on Monday. I swear it was much scarier and jumpy the second time compared to the first! Was kinda disappointed with it overall though. I've been looking forward to it since I first saw the trailer but it didn't live up to my expectations! Weird, cos everyone I talk to loved it! We also saw Harry Potter DHP2 as it was showing at work and we're both g33ks. 

I did my photoshoot this week finally. I have already blogged some of the shoot here if you want to see. Let me know your thoughts! I still need to print by Wednesday so next week is going to be a busy one! I also only have one more project to do which is my final major project and then I am finished! I'm not really sure what to do once I finish college as it will be a long Summer holiday before I start University. Maybe I will work full-time?

I took a spontaneous trip to ASDA with my Mum on Friday. I never go food shopping as I find it a complete bore... unless I have a bag of grapes I can sneakily eat whilst pushing the trolley. However, I found princess cakes reduced to 16p so I begged my Mum for them. She said no at first but I obviously worked my charm and bagged two packets..... and a big box of doughnuts with SPRINKLES! I also bought loads of chocolate (only photographed the splats!), two dvds and a big bottle of mountain dew. Note to self: This is why you are always skint Ashleigh.

Last night I went out with my two friends to a gay bar for my other mate's boyfriend's 22nd birthday. I wore a pleated skirt, lace top and my heeled chelsea boots from Daisy Street (literally my ~go to outfit~). Happy birthday Chris!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. What did you get up to? I would love to know!


  1. Woman in Black is absolutely petrifying, i never even get scared by films but jeez! x

  2. Anonymous4/3/12

    Pastel nails look lovely! I'm far too much of a wimp for any 'scary' films, so Woman in Black is a no-go for me!

    rachelpan xo

  3. That pizza looks delicious!

  4. I'm going to the cinema this week but I can't decide whether to see woman in black or not, so many varied opinions! Mm those creme egg splats look good, gonna have to try some of those! x

  5. So many yummy snacks! Uh, not trying to make you feel bad lol! I went to see The Woman in Black last night and I was a little disappointed; I thought the storyline and the ending was a bit crap, but I thought it was really scary so did the job I guess! x

  6. so many yummmy things, I want those princess cakes they look amazing

  7. Oh look at all this yummy food, I want some! It's making me super hungry again. As always! HA!
    You look gorgeous too in these photos.x

  8. Anonymous4/3/12

    Great post, love the photos, I hope you will follow my blog :)


  9. Have just clicked on the link to see the photoshoot, i love it, the skirt is so nice and the dotty balloons are awesome. Going to check out what's new at pop couture now. x

  10. Those balloons look awesome - can't wait to see the final pictures!

  11. Wow, you have so many nail varnish. And your food pictures are making me hungry. I work at Asda - why do I never find 16p princess cakes!? x


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