My week in photos: 18.03.12 - 24.03.12


Mother's Day meal · White bait starter · Cousin love · Frilly socks & creepers combination · Curly hair · New Levi shorts from ebay! · Digging out the thin tights · Lonely lunch breaks · Outfit 1 (Had a movie day with Iddy) · Outfit 2 (College) · Lovely parcel from Sugarlips · Orange Circle Clothing · New phone case ebay · Hair is finally growing · New blog theme · Won another giveaway!
Already posted pictures of the Mother's day meal here. Had a lovely day on Monday with Iddy (best fwend) watching Juno and a few episodes of The Walking Dead, as he hasn't seen any! Anyone else as addicted to it like me? Cannot wait for season three!

Treated myself to a few bits this week, including some new levi shorts which I hope to dip-dye and stud eventually. I actually fit into them like a glove. My other pair are a tad too big! Ebay is the best place to buy vintage jean shorts. Don't be a sucker for places like Rokit who overcharge way too much. If you scout around ebay for a while you will find some good bargains! I am currently eyeing up something exciting! Finally bought my first tee from Orange Circle Clothing. I think I was one of the first bloggers to start talking to them which is pretty 'rad considering they are pretty popular now! Also got a lovely package from Sugar Lips, so expect some outfit posts soon. (I am slacking).

Haven't really got much else to say other than I have been ill this week so only went into college once which sucks as I missed out on an exhibition trip. I do think I'm just run down though what with "the break-up" and working till 10/10:30 every night and not getting to sleep till the early hours. I am such an owl! 

Had a really ~funny but not funny at the time~ moment on Wednesday. I work in a cinema if you didn't already know and was in a screen cleaning with Iddy when I picked up a pot of melted Ben & Jerry's, literally said "I think I'm 'gonna drop it", then dropped it. It splashed up all over my work uniform, name tag, hair and even into my mouth. It's funny thinking about it now!

Thank you so much for all the supportive tweets, emails and blog comments regarding how I am "coping" and such. I know it probably sounds so silly but I think of every single one of you as a friend and it's lovely to know that there's people out there who care when the one person who is meant to care doesn't. I always smile reading tweets, comments and emails so thank you so much! I am nearing 500 GFC followers so just a heads up that I will be doing my second giveaway once I reach the exciting milestone! ♥


  1. Your new layout is phenom!

    "The breakup" period is always rough. Hang in there! You'll come out stronger.

  2. Anonymous25/3/12

    Haha I want that phone cover!! Gotta love the Walking Dead. My other half and I always discuss what we would do if zombies invade. It's good to be prepared! X

  3. Ha I was staring for aaaages at the food photo. i was like "is that a fish? no it must be bread. but wait it looks like a fish". HA! Not sure why that kept me entertained for so long. I SHOULD GET OUT MORE!
    Your outfit with your socks is tres adorable!
    Keep your chin up doll, I know it's a hard time, but justkeep busy with your friends who love you and you'll get through it :-) xx


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