Flourescent Adolescent


 top: chicnova*
sunglasses: chicnova*
chain: river island
shorts: vintage levi's
sandals: primark (last year)

I am in love with this top from Chicnova to say the least. The colours in it are so bright and beautiful and super summery! It actually has shoulder pads sewn inside it which I barely took notice of to be honest! I have no idea if these round sunglasses suit my face shape or not but they are worth looking stupid for... especially as they are so popular in the blogging community at the moment. They don't seem like they will break either so now I just need to hunt down a nice case for them!

I decided to update my channel and film a new video. So many people film little outfit videos like this in conjuction with their normal outfit posts and I really enjoy watching them. It was quite difficult filming it but I think I have worked it out how to do it properly for next time. Would you like to see more?

Today I am working from home (due to a slight work injury) doing some Iconemesis stuff. I am really loving my internship there and it's sad to think I only have two weeks left until it's all over, boo! Thank you to anyone who left their email on my update post. I am spending all of today going through hundreds of blogs and contacting people, but it will take a good week!

Andrew had a lovely 21st on Saturday. We went to the outdoor cinema in Maldon on Friday night to watch Anchorman (which I wasn't too keen on!) and then we headed to Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton for an American BBQ type of meal. I had pulled pork, onions rings and coleslaw with mustard on the side whilst Andrew bravely went for the devastator burger (three burgers, 6 rashers of bacon, 6 slices of cheese) and a peanut butter milkshake. Over 3000 calories in just the burger alone; but hey, you're only 21 once!

XO love, Ashleigh x


  1. I love the bright top, goes perfectly with the shorts too!x

  2. you look lovely, ashleigh! really love the top and the sunglasses look fab!

    robyn x

  3. That top is so so pretty! The devastator burger sounds crazy! x

  4. Ohh I LOVE this top!! Ohhh my... pulled pork is one of my faves, I'm so so jealous. Andrews burger choice sounds a bloody good'un hahah!! xx

  5. looove the print of that top!x


  6. Absolutely love those shorts, they look fab with the bright too. That burger sounds INCREDIBLE.

  7. I adore the sunglasses.. and the top is very pretty too!

    Fusels x

  8. So beautiful Ashleigh! Love love love those Levi's with that top.
    Stunning new sidebar picture as well!

    -Jade xx

  9. Vish6/8/13

    You look so stunning. The top is really nice. I like this type of colorful women tops.

  10. I just started reading your blog and I'm so in love with it. You're so beautiful and your photography is amazing. :-)


  11. Love your top and glasses dear!

    Style Reader


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