An adventure into Regents Park

A few weeks ago, we adventured into Regents Park whilst the weather was being nice to us. It was really lovely to walk around a (clean) park and take in the sights of London as we did it. We hired a little peddle boat out around the lake for an hour which seemed to go SO quick but it was so relaxing to chill with a book whilst Andrew did most of the pedalling ;)

I have just finished the best selling novel at the moment, 'Gone Girl', but I'm not too sure on my thoughts of the book overall. I think part one was a little tedious and slow-moving, but part two had me hooked to the point I was looking for every little excuse to dig my book out of my bag and read... much to the annoyance of my boyfriend, ooooops. I've never got into the head of a character so much. I really hate the character Amy! Team Nick!

XO love, Ashleigh x


  1. I've just read Gone Girl too and it's supposed to be a thriller but I didn't find it to be that thrilling. I read a lot of thrillers though, some really gory stuff so I have a lot to compare it too! I thought it was good but there was a massive anti-climax at the end! x

  2. i was there just the other day, it's so beautiful! I saw a baby swan and just wanted to cuddle it!!

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  3. Sounds like the perfect day in this warm weather we're having :) xx


  4. lovely pictures, i love going on peddle boats as they have them on the lake where i live - they are so fun! xxx

  5. These photos are really pretty! I really want to read Gone Girl :)

    Isabela x

  6. Lovely photographs :)

  7. Beautiful photos. Regent's Park is always a lovely walk xx


  8. Lovely photos(as always!). I think ive only ever been to Regents park once x

  9. Gorgeous photos, looks like a beautiful day out x

  10. That looks lovely!
    I'd love to go there some day :)


  11. I havent been to Regent's park in so long. In fact i haven't been to London for so long, your pictures have reminded me i must go. So lovely and summery, can't beat a day (with a book) at the park.

    -Jade xx


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