an amazingly good news update


001: First things first; it marked my blog's 2nd birthday on the 20th which I did mention on Twitter, but failed to write about it on here, oops. It seems like only yesterday I blogged about my blog's first birthday but woah over 365 days later, I am still at it! You go Glen Coco! I have a little giveaway lined up which I am yet to organise and post about but I just want to say thank you so much to every single one of you who drop by and read my blog. If you've followed me since the very beginning or a few months or even a week; big, huge, fat snogs for you all!

002: You may have seen me tweet/facebook this already, but I have just started my second week interning at Iconemesis doing social media/PR stuff and I am loving it so far! They are already quite well known in the blogging community but incase you don't know... Iconemesis is a lifestyle brand that sell iPhone cases (4/4s/5) with designs from artists from all around the world including the cutie Fifi Lapin. I will be contacting bloggers regarding collaborations and product reviews but it's a slow process as there are so many amazing bloggers out there! Feel free to leave your e-mail and blog link below though. I will check all the links out and email you if there is a possible collaboration!

003: This weekend is Andrew's 21st (Saturday) so I have been busy thinking of gift ideas and all that jazz! I will post what I got him after his birthday as the chap tends to nosy on my blog every now and then so for now I have to keep sh-tum! We are going to an outdoor cinema tonight to see Anchorman. So many people say it's a really good film but I've never seen it? Will Ferrell isn't really my 'cuppa tea but I'll give it a try! Saturday we have plans to go for dinner at Bodeans. Any menu recommendations?

004: In other news (which I am now allowed to reveal); my Dad proposed to my Mum finally after twenty odd years of being together! It's a huge shock to me and my sister as we've both never imagined them tying the knot but there are big 2014 wedding plans underway. Better late than never, eh?

Have an amazing weekend everyone, & stay safe. Peace!

XO love, Ashleigh x


  1. Wow, lot of great news. Glad to hear and nice of you to share!

    I'd love to collaborate wiht Iconemesis, unforts I don't have iPhone. Have a lovely weekend girl!

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  3. What an exciting time for your family! A wedding to look forward to is always extremely exciting, it will be nice to celebrate with your closest relatives and friends x

  4. So cute that your parents are getting married after all that time! Happy late blog birthday and good luck in your intern adventures at Iconemesis! x

  5. Oh wow, congratulations to your parents!! :D

    I'd love to be considered for a collaboration - my blog turned 2 today! X

  6. Congratulations on hitting 2 years old - your blog that is haha. And well done on your internship. They're so prestitious and it's incredible that you got one :) Annnnd congratulations to your parents! What a lovely day that's going to be :)

    I'd also love to be considered for an application. You can view my blog here


  7. Anonymous26/7/13

    Awhh that's so lovely about your parents :). Also congrats on the 2 years blogging too. Your intern-ship sounds really cool too, I'd love to be considered my blog is or you can contact me at


  8. congrats to you and your parents!! sound like youve had a lovely week :D

  9. Congratulations to your mum and dad! How sweet! Oh thats so lovely, my mum and step dad said they would never get married, but then there was a shock proposal and wedding six or so months later!

    Two years and your internship, hope to see even more great things coming your way, you deserve it Beautiful!
    And Happy Birthday (on saturday) for Andrew! Hope he has an amazing day. I'm very jealous of outdoor Anchor Man by the way!

    -Jade xx

  10. Just catching up on your blog posts! (:

    Lots of good news, so so happy for ya, it's lovely to hear your mum & dad are getting married, i'm sure you'll have lots of fun helping her plan it!
    I'm also dying to go to the outdoor cinema with my boyf!!
    Well done on your intern :):), I'd love to be considered for a collaboration with Iconemesis my blog is & email is

    L x


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