caravan adventures with andrew + smelly crabs


Last week, Summer finally arrived in England so me and my boyfriend made the most of it by heading to the countryside for a day at his nan and grandad's caravan. It's absolutely wonderful there. So quiet and so peaceful. You don't realise how noisy and busy London is until you spend a day out of it! We spent the day with his dad who drove us after recently getting classic car insurance*. Nothing beats a countryside drive with the windows down and music blaring!

We went crabbing which turned into a competitive game. I WON. I caught at least twenty and some were so massive! They really are ugly creatures!

We took Andrew's Grandad's little wooden boat out (pictured below) but I didn't get any photos. I was convinced the boat would turn over and the thought of losing my camera breaks my heart. It was definitely a rocky ride!

 We bought a little portable BBQ from Sainsburys and cooked some burgers and sausages which were so yummy and went down a treat after a long day in the sun.

Then........... we went to have some fun in the mud! Safe to say we smelt like dried out fish by the end of it but it was good to be a kid for an hour. We definitely got stuck a lot of times once we reached the deep end of the mud but it got to the point where we gave up trying to stand up and helplessly fell over a LOT of times!

 The day was finished off by a super, freezing cold hose down which I could just about bare for thirty seconds before an hour long shower. After looking, feeling and smelling squeaky clean, we packed our bags into the car and headed home... sleeping like two babies that night.

Never trust a woman in possession of a garden hose pipe.

* If you're travelling far from home for a day out, you might want to check out Footman James who offer classic car insurance at really good rates for members. A must for any car driver.
XO love, Ashleigh x


  1. Looks like a seriously fun day out! I've got to ask - are you using Photoshop actions over your photos? The sunflare is gorgeous!

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. Such beautiful and cute photos Ashleigh! Looks like you and Andrew had a lovely time away! (:

  3. Anonymous15/7/13

    These pictures are gorgeous :) x

  4. What AWESOME pictures! Looks like you had such a great time. I'd love to go there!
    Loved this post, really illustrates a great summer.

    -Jade x

  5. SO wonderful pictures :)
    stay both as you are!

    x, tamara


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