Film photography edition: Street Art & Style in Brick Lane


A few photos I have taken over the past few weeks as part of my Urban Landscape project for college.  I decided to use an Urban Landscape (Brick Lane) but capture street art and style instead - I add fashion into the majority of my work!

These were all taken on a film SLR using Fuji 400iso film, developed by myself and the negatives were then scanned in. I have loads more to show you, but for now...enjoy!

Ashleigh Dougherty photography.
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  1. Some really cool photos Ashleigh :) x

  2. Great shots Ashleigh! x

  3. WOW> I love these photo's! Brick Lane, is definitely a winner.. and these photos are incredibly beautiful.x

  4. These have suck a lovely quality to them, the colours are so perfect!! you have skills beauty xxxx

  5. i love your blog! following you :-) x


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