Update: 30 days till Christmas :)


Pic taken: 24/11/2011
001: Finally handed in my Urban Landscape project this week. So pleased with my final prints. I scanned in the negatives and done a blog post here if you want to see! My critique went really well. Had to basically blu-tac my mighty eleven prints in my classroom/studio (along with everyone else) and everyone has to present their work. I loathe talking in public but I didn't stutter or anything so everything's good!

002: Todd passed his theory test today! He told a little white lie this morning about how he was off to a college trip in London, but he was too nervous to tell people he was sitting his theory test! He's been learning for months now, so hopefully he will sit his driving test soon! (If you're wondering whether I drive... nope! I don't even have a provisional yet!)

003: Might be meeting Emily on Tuesday from emilydivine.com, yaaaaay! Such a lovely girl with the cutest new pup, ever!

004: I get paid on Wednesday and it's National Teacher's strike - win! Going Christmas shopping with my Mummy :)

005: I cooked dinner tonight. A mighty lasagna, with lots of cheese and pasta sheets. It's still in the oven as we speak. I did plan on taking photographs but my camera's battery died.

006: I have caught up with all my part time blogging designs ~entrepreneur~. I have lowered the prices for a limited time only so if you're looking for a re-vamp of your blog or even just a christmas themed header etc, then head on over to my shop and email me what you would like!


  1. You're so pretty!! I'm jealous! Lol. I love lasagne, it's easily my favourite food!

    Gem x

  2. Congratulations on your project going so well, loved the photograph post!
    Such a lovely picture too :) x

  3. I love your blog, Im soo very jelly of your signed photo haha ;)

    Satin&Souffles xx

  4. It's such a good feeling to have projects handed in, isn't it?! Well done to Todd too btw (: xx

  5. Ashleigh you look so lovely in this photo!
    Congratulations to Todd to, completely know how he feels! I proper freaked out about it.xx

  6. Well done Todd!
    I'm soo excited for christmas this year.. Can't wait! U
    have fun shopping with your mum xx


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