Racist Journey


I mentioned on twitter yesterday that I had something awful and disgusting to blog about; so here's that post.

After finishing work yesterday afternoon, after a long and tiring 8-5 shift at the cinema; I caught my usual bus. It's a twenty minute journey from my house, not including the walk from the bus stop to my house.  I live in Essex/SE London so I always have to share my daily bus journeys with the most horrible people.  Let's just say.... oompa loompas in tracksuits?!

I walked onto my bus and sat towards the front, behind an old couple; most probably in their late 60's.  The woman stated (for everyone near her to hear!) how she felt she wasn't in her country anymore. She began to count every black person boarding the bus. 1......5......9.......13.  The husband didn't really say anything about it, although he did mutter a few things under his breath. As an onlooker, they reminded me of Hyacinth & Richard Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances?! (thank you to the girls on twitter who reminded me of the name of this show, it was bugging me for ages!)

The whole journey until they got off consisted of the wife's rude remarks and opinions on people who basically were not true* British white people.  Her main opinion was that the buses that segregated white and black people during African/American civil rights movement, should be re-introduced. I actually shuddered as soon as she said that. I felt ashamed to be white myself; considering a black woman was sitting next to me. It was one of them moments where I wish I could have clicked my fingers and disappeared. Just imagine how that lady next to me must have felt?! -- 

I am against racism in any way, shape or form.  I believe everybody is their own person, no matter what race, religion, sexuality or gender they are (although I will always believe the school saying of 'girls are better than boys'!). I take into consideration that everybody is entitled to their own opinions on things but for goodness sake, keep them to yourself! Don't shout them about in public, especially when they're bound to offend people! I hope you all agree with me!

* 'true' - British from heritage. British and white. English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. Not black and born in Britain. I don't agree with the way I have stated the word 'true' but I am just trying to word across what the horrible couple meant.


  1. This is awful! I can't believe she said that, so horrible :( x

  2. That's horrible! When these sort of things happen, it makes me so ashamed! I hate ignorance! xo.

  3. Anonymous28/11/11

    That is awful I'm following ur blog, leopardinleather.blogspot.com


  4. Ahh well said, can't imagine how bad you felt xxx

  5. That's awful. I sincerely do not understand why people say these things...
    Look at this example of a mum (she had a little kid with her) swearing and saying some awful things http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/11/28/woman-arrested-over-racist-rant-in-my-tram-experience-youtube-video-115875-23595377/

    ~Hannah xx

  6. I can't believe there are people like this who still think this way, it's repulsive. Watching the 'My Tram Experience' video on YouTube (as mentioned by Hannah above) today made so, so angry too - these people are so uneducated and ignorant, it's pretty sad x

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  8. i've just been sent a video on youtube and its extremely similar, it was a woman being racist despite her have a toddler sat on here knee! its awful! i'm quite glad one man videos it for evidence because she's now been arrested. The videos titled 'my tram journey' on youtube, its horrendous!


  9. Anonymous29/11/11

    it is disgusting that people still behave this way




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