MRP: A cheap online alternative to Primark


TROUSERS £8 // DRESS £3.50 // SHIRT £5.50 // SHORTS £6 // SHIRT £4.50

CHINOS £9.50 // SWEATER £9.50 // SHIRT £4 // BOXERS £2.50 // T-SHIRT

I don't know about you but when it comes to clothes, I do like a cheeky bargain. If it means hunting around for a cheaper alternative to a pair of shoes from Toppers that cost £75, then I will by all means set a challenge for myself.

The latest fashion brand I am 100% behind is MRP: a south african fashion brand who are similar to Primark... including their prices! They ship to the UK for jut £4. I know we are all guilty of reluctantly paying shipping prices but for a brand that are so cheap but SO good, I really don't mind!

I'm sure a lot of their good stuff will be out of stock soon so I would recommend getting in there whilst you can and grabbing all the best stuff! I am definitely going to have a splurge. I need that neon dress! 


XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. Anonymous28/9/13

    Ah wow those trousers are amazing! Thanks for introducing me to this brand
    Lucia's Loves

  2. Loving those shorts! Off to check out their stuff! xx

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