Nip + Fab 'Dragon's Blood Fix' Range


Nip & Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Range
Plumping Mask* - £14.95
Cleansing Pads* - £9.95
Plumping Serum* - £19.95

I was SUPER EXCITED when the latest range by Nip + Fab landed through my letterbox. Anyone who knows me will know skin care is incredibly important to me. Not only do I remove my makeup before sleeping every night without fail but I am always looking for new lotions and potions to try out. Ladies, here is the Dragon's Blood fix range. Yes, I was a little confused about the estranged name too but fear not, no dragons were harmed in the making of this product*.

There are several ways I cleanse my face and I always mix it up every day. However, cleansing pads are probably the easiest way for me to cleanse if it means I get to stay in bed whilst doing it. Who else would rather stand in a cold tiled bathroom?! These cleansing pads (60 pads) are my particular favourite as they are already lathered in a gel like formula with one textured side to the pad which acts almost as a very VERY gentle exfoliation. I have been using these in replace of my toner after removing my makeup and they work very well in removing last traces of eye makeup. They do have a VERY strange scent as does the whole range so if you don't like scented products you probably won't like these but it's not a bad smell - perfumey and fruity; hard to explain!

I have really enjoyed using the plumping serum (50ml) too. It's like a gel based formula which you apply to your face after cleansing. It sinks in straight away and leaves your face feeling 'plumpy and firm'. That's the best way to describe the outcome. My skin feels healthy and regenerated ready for makeup application or a good night's sleep. I haven't used it every day however as I didn't want my skin to start relying on one product so I've been using a moisturiser every other day and the plumping serum the alternate days which has been working perfectly for me.

The third product in the range is the plumping mask (50ml). It wasn't what I was expecting at all but in a good way! The mask is a wash off one which I was surprised to see is a gel based formulation as peel off formulas are usually gel based and wash off masks are usually cream based. It was a completely different kind of mask as once spread over the face it says to leave for ten minutes to sink in. The product doesn't dry hard so your face doesn't have that stiff feeling that many face masks give. It left my skin feeling similar to the serum; firm and healthy.

The Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Range is available now at Boots. It's 3 for 2 at the moment across skincare so take advantage!

* We can all pretend we live in a fairy tale with mystical creatures sometimes.

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  1. wow these all sound amazing, definitely need to try Nip and Fab!

    Rachel x
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