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Last night was an extremely exciting evening between 7pm and 7:30pm as I was exclusively invited to listen and watch in on a live interview with Pixie Lott about her limited edition Magnitone Lucid cleanser. Pixie always looks flawless so I was very intrigued to learn more about her beauty product. I was told to think of some questions and to send them in for an exclusive Q&A with Pixie during the conference and I was ecstatic to have one of my questions answered! Find out what below :)

What is Magnitone?
Magnitone is all about giving confidence to young women by making their skin a lot more smoother and clearer. Magnitone chose Pixie Lott as their exclusive ambassador as Magnitone wanted a fresh and fashionable young woman to emphasis confidence in beauty.

The Lucid by Magnitone is a daily facial cleansing and exfoliation brush designed exclusively by Pixie Lott herself which comes in the colour pink  (very girly!) with white detailing. It's designed to be a replacement for your hands which is actually more gentle on the skin, making sure not to abrase the skin and especially working gently on pores. The Lucid is used for one minute either once or twice a day (morning and evening) which is proven to give amazing results.

The Lucid Magnitone by Pixie Lott is now available to order on the website here.


Why did you want to work with Magnitone?
I wanted to spread a positive message to other young girls. Glowing skin can really give you confidence!

How soft is the Lucid for sensitive skin?
The bristles are rounded so it's especially gentle on the skin and is actually proven to be even more gentle than using your hands as the brushes glide on the skin rather than rub against it. It is to be used for one minute either once or twice a day and has a timer on which will automatically turn off after one minute so there is no way you can over use it and damage your skin.

How has Magnitone changed your skin?
It's much healthier looking and makes putting makeup on in the mornings so much easier as my skin is a lot softer.

What is your skin care cleansing routine?
I use the Lucid Magnitone and a good cleanser! I always use the same products so my skin gets used to what I am using as I know I can then rely on those products. I use it morning and evening too as deep cleansing is good if you're wearing lots of makeup day to day like myself.

One beauty product you cannot live without?
Errrrrrrrrm... (After much debate of that being a very unfair question...) ... probably moisturiser!!!

Do you have makeup free days?
Yes! I love makeup free days. Or if I want some coverage but don't want to look too made up, I like to use light foundations with no impurities.

What are your top skincare tips?
I know everyone says it but it really is important to remove your makeup every night before sleeping. Also NO FACE WIPES! They are so bad for you! (The makeup artist next to her agrees!) Using the Lucid takes one single minute so there are no excuses not to deep cleanse.

What's in your beauty bag?
Errrrrrm, from memory I know I have my favourite highlighter by Benefit in there which I can always rely on to give me a healthy glow.

Does Oliver like you made up or natural?
Well *laughs*, he says he prefers me with less makeup but I look so rough in the mornings as I just chuck on my glasses so I have no idea if he's telling the truth or just being nice!

Who was your beauty/fashion guru inspiration when growing up?
Oh that's a good question! I always looked up to the 60s icon, Edie Sedgwick . I adored her big, quirky eyes. Errrrrm, but as a young child I was a huge fan of Britney Spears! *laughs*

What's your biggest beauty tip?
Don't use too much powder!

What's your must have skin care product whilst travelling?
I don't know. Maybe a lip balm?

What's your biggest beauty extravagance?
I absolutely LOVE spa days and a good pamper session. It make you feel so much better, like ahhh!

What helps you build your confidence?
A lot of things influence this for me. If I am with my friends, a little black dress can make me feel a lot better about myself, good makeup and hair days, my personal fashion style and if I am feeling comfortable in myself.

Who are/were your music inspirations/influences?
I loved and still do love big female vocalists. Whitney, Mariah and Celine Dion are amazing.

Finally... do you reckon you will win Strictly Come Dancing?
*Laughs*.. I don't know. I hope so!

Such an amazing experience and also my first ever video conference interview call! I am sure there will be loads more in the future. Thanks Pixie! X

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