Very Party in Style Event @ The Oxo Tower!


This week, I was one of the lucky bloggers who was invited along to the Party in Style event with and Cosmopolitan Magazine at the stunning OXO Tower in London.

I met the lovely Lorna from Studs and Dreams outside Waterloo Station and we took a short walk over to the event. There was a short queue but once ticked off the guest list and handing our stuff into the cloak attendant, the party began! We was greeted by the team at Very and told to pick out our favourite outfits for the photographer to shoot us with. We then did some vox pops video work in which we were asked for our party tips. Here's the official video if you want to see me awkwardly talking to a microphone and TV presenter haha!

 We then watched the catwalk showcasing the collection by Sam Faiers which I LOVE. Soooo many sparkles and sequins in rich blues and pinks. I really want my Christmas dress from the collection!

I put together a little Vlog style video so you can virtually come along to the event and see the evening in action. The catwalk is in the video too which is why I never got any photos of it!

 Lorna from Studs and Dreams, and me.

Primark shoes

Huge thank you to Very for inviting me! :)

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  1. Their event planner treated my husband and I like his children, and my family like his family, and he put forth his best for us. A bit dramatic, but TRUE!


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