Finding a mascara that beats my old faithful re-purchase (Maybelline Lash Sensational FYI) is a task in itself. I like a mascara that is a true deep black, one than can really group my lashes together to make them appear thicker but still keeping the texture so they actually look like eyelashes and not stumps.

Nu Skin have just launched a mascara in their Nu Colour range. The Nu Colour Curling Mascara has silver packaging and a slightly curved wand. When I opened this, I knew it might be a good one at holding the curl in lashes and I was right. I've been testing it out for a couple of weeks now and the curl has lasted pretty much all day. The formulation of the mascara is quite 'wet' so I found it was best to wait a minute before building up more of the product onto my lashes.

The mascara is a very true black too which pleased me because there's many mascaras on the market that just aren't black enough for my personal preference. However, depending on how you like your mascara to look will depend on whether or not this is the mascara for you. I quite like the 'clumped lash' look as I like volume and texture in my every day makeup. The curved brush on this mascara prevents clumpy lashes forming so I found this was a good mascara to wear on 'no makeup days' or simply days where I didn't need a full face of makeup. 

This mascara retails at around £25 which is quite a lot more than I would usually pay for a mascara. However, it's a good mascara that doesn't transfer to anywhere but my eyelashes during the day which is something I find hard to find in more budget friendly mascaras. 

I probably wouldn't purchase this with my own money simply because I still haven't found a mascara that can beat my favourite but it's worth checking out if you have the extra pennies to splurge on a mascara that gives a more natural looking result.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and photographs remain my own. 


  1. What pretty packaging! I haven't tried anything from NU Skin yet!

    1. NicolaBeautique16/1/18

      All Nuskin's products contain all the good and none of the bad, definitely worth having a look!

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