I always love to support local businesses that support Being Ashleigh so Premiere Cinema got in touch asking me if I would like to review a film and the cinema experience, I couldn't say no!

Premiere Cinema is based on the top floor of  Mercury Gardens shopping mall in Romford. In comparison to other cinemas, Premiere is much smaller but still has large enough screens to enjoy a movie from start to finish comfortably. Even better and probably the best thing about Premiere Cinema is that ALL tickets are only £4. It doesn't matter what film or what time of the day you go, you'll never pay more than £4. It's no secret that the cinema business can be rather over priced but having worked at a cinema I learnt that the cinema industry only make profit on their food and not the films! 

However, a family of 4 can now enjoy a family day out on the weekend for under £20, so it would be pretty cool to see these opening up all over the place. Sadly, there is only the Romford one and another in Cardiff at the moment! 

I went along with my friend in the afternoon during the week and was pleasantly surprised to see it was quiet. No queues. No children running around. None of those annoying things about the cinema. It was also very tidy with no rubbish on the floor!

We was greeted by Premiere Cinema's social media guru, Tolu at the box office. It's always a big thumbs up from me when opportunities like this have great communication. They knew they was expecting my arrival which saved embarrassment of trying to explain to the staff that I'm a blogger and what I was there for.

We was treated to complimentary tickets to any film of our choice and food and drinks. I had not been to the cinema in AGES so I was a little out of the loop on what films were out but we settled on choosing to see the film 'London Has Fallen' which I had high hopes for. I really enjoyed watching 'Olympus Has Fallen' a couple of years ago and I'm a huge Gerard Butler fan any way*...

* By fan, I mean I have a huge, huge crush on him.

 We got a hot dog each, an ice blast (my favourite!) and some chocolates to nibble on during the film. There was plenty of food and drink options on the menu including cinema classics: cheesy nachos, popcorn, 'pick and mix' sweets and fizzy drinks.

It was nice to see the displays fully stocked up too! It has made my pictures look much, MUCH better haha! The complimentary food and drinks were yummy too. Perfect for when you've just finished working and you're super hungry!

London Has Fallen follows the story of Mike Banning; the president of America's personal bodyguard. A funeral is taking place for the British Prime Minister and all presidents and ministers of the world fly to London to attend. What they don't know is that it's been hijacked by a terrorist mastermind who launches a massive attack on London. Nobody is safe and it's hard to trust anyone...

The film had both me and my friend on the edge of our seats and gasping from start to finish. Although Butler can be (definitely is) rather distracting, I understood the story line and had a few predicaments at what was going to happen. Once it was finished, we both came out saying how good the film was and agreed that the general experience we had that afternoon was really good.

I was also provided with a Premiere discount card which I will certainly be taking full advantage of!  I really want to see The Jungle Book next which is finally in the cinemas! Anyone else super excited for it?

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary visit in return for an honest review on my blog. All opinions and photographs are my own.


  1. Great photos of the cinema. It looks like a fun place. I like supporting local businesses too. The Premiere discount card sounds like a super idea.

    1. It really is a great little place! I can't wait to use the discount card :)


  2. So great to see an affordable cinema. Some have got crazy prices now. Looks fun.


  3. Anonymous21/4/16

    I'd happily pay £5 if they would refurb their toilets, clean them regularly, and actually sweep the floors. Great price but try going there any evening after they've been open several hours - pretty gross.

    1. Oh no - sorry to hear this. I try not to use public toilets if I can avoid them :)

  4. I really loved london has fallen!! I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole team! The cinema looks great, only downside for me would be the pepsi haha!!

    Sian |

  5. Cinema is business. A producer spends crores in making a movie and expects huge results from the cinema. So, if cinema reflects community fully, no film will become a box office hit.


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