NEW FEATURE! Cheer Up Tuesday #1


Here is a brand new feature I will be posting every Tuesday. We all have a case of the Monday Blue's so after watching a really nice video on YouTube this morning, it got me thinking. Wouldn't it be nice to have a post you can read every Tuesday morning on your train to work or on your lunch break to make your Tuesday that little bit more motivated and lifting?

Let me know your thoughts below! If you like this kinda idea then I shall continue it every Tuesday!

Boys and girls, I present to you ...

1) Making Homeless Guys Wrestle For Money
This is the video that has inspired this new feature. A couple of prank artists get two homeless people from the streets to go head to head with each other in an arm wrestle. The winner wins $100. What the winning man does really pulls at your heart strings.

2) Cute Grandad
(found on Tumblr): "My Grandad just called me to tell me how big his cauliflowers are growing and it was so cute as he said 'They're TWICE as big as the ones you get in the shop!" I told my Grandad this tumblr post has 3,500 notes and he said 'who are they? do i know them?'. He wanted me to list everyone and see if he knew anyone."

3) Bulldog Puppy Can't Get Up!
The cutest video ever.

4) Find A Guy Who Wants To Listen
Speaks for itself really. Find a guy who doesn't want to date you, sleep with you, break your heart. Find a guy who simply loves you for who you are as a person. A shoulder to cry on, a supportive masculine figure. Find a good friend.

5) Don't Give Up On Your Dreams!
I've been close to giving up too. It gets better. Watch this:

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  1. Awh, this is a fab idea! It pulled on my heartstrings, for sure!

    Jess | The Mod Mermaid


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