Cheer Up Tuesday #2


It's Tuesday again which can only mean one thing, right?

1) Robin Williams 1951-2014
I was awake very late last night when I heard the news of Robin Williams' death. I never care much about celebrity deaths, marriages, affairs and that kinda thing but this devastating news has truly saddened me. Jumanji and Mrs Doubtfire happen to be two of my favourite films. It's hard to believe the fact that someone you never think would ever stop going is now gone yet you've never met them and they have no idea who you are. I am sure all of you will agree Robin was an absolute legend and his name will live on. Below is a mash up of all his best bits. Take a look.

2) Lion King Cast At Broadway Take Over NYC Subway!
TLK happens to be my all time favourite film. I saw the London based musical years ago and enjoyed it so much. I saw this little video trending and it gave me goosebumps just watching it. Why can't cool things like this happen on the tubes in London?

3) Camel Being Tickled!


  1. Such a terrible loss, Robin Williams was one of those people who stood out. He had an incredible mind for comedy, and serious roles too. He will be truly missed...

  2. i still can't believe robin williams is actually gone! R.IP <3


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