A few weeks ago, I whisked my mum for an overnight stay at Novotel in Blackfriars. We had a whole evening planned with dinner and drinks, so I thought it would be nice to have a hotel to relax in afterwards. 

Novotel is situated a 2 minute walk from Southwark Station. Upon arrival, we was greeted by an open desk who was aware of my arrival. Five minutes later, we was checked into an Executive Suite room, with its very own balcony over looking the sights of London; centrally opposite The Shard.

The room was gorgeous with a king size bed and little swan towels made up for decoration. There was also little dessert treats for our arrival which went down very well!

The room came with its own coffee machine and mini fridge. The bathroom was also mega cool with a lit up frosted window door; which could be turned on or off depending on which you prefer.

It was a cold and rainy day, but that didn't stop me from chilling on the balcony to get some great photos of the city!

It was time to get ready for that evening's adventures. I decided to wear a gorgeous heart print peplum top from Noisy Child. I picked it up in the sale about a month ago for just £12. Thank you!

We then decided to head over to Nandos which was only a few doors down. I actually hadn't been Nandos in a good while, so I was extremely excited to get my chicken and lemon and herb fix!

It was then time to head back to the hotel to unwind. We picked up some treats in Tesco and I couldn't help but walk back onto our balcony to take some night shots of the views. How stunning was the view?!

I ended up doing some work that evening and replied to some blog comments etc. No rest for the wicked! I finally crawled into bed at around 1am and had the NICEST sleep I think I've ever had. There was so much room in the bed that I completely forgot I was sleeping next to my mum. It was also completely silent with no noises during the night. Amazing.

The next morning, we headed down to breakfast for a fine banquet. Novotel in Blackfriars has a breakfast room and a separate restaurant next door which is also a bar. 

I absolutely loved the decor of both the restaurants. They were bright and friendly, but also spacious which allowed you to eat with your loved ones or friends without feeling like you was invading other peoples' space. 

We had a full fry up and I couldn't help but serve myself an extra hash brown. They're my favourite! There was unlimited amounts of tea, coffee and juice; as well as fruit, croissants and cakes which was a nice idea if you're looking to stay there for a little longer before having to leave your room for good.

I also filmed a little vlog on our stay at this amazing hotel. If you're looking for a London getaway, I highly recommend the Novotel hotels. I literally can't wait to explore more of them! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel as I am approaching a new milestone!

Disclaimer: Complimentary stay in return for an honest review on my blog.


  1. Gorgeous photos - what a lovely hotel! I don't think I've stayed in a Novotel before but I'll definitely consider it now x

  2. Oh wow what a stunning hotel - love all the little details and the room looks amazing. Sounds like you had a great time

    Laura x

  3. Beautiful, classy hotel - 'minds me of some of the ones we have in NYC :)

  4. We've stayed here before too and had a fantastic time and the location was so convenient for the tube to travel aroud. Mich x


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