The idea of throwing a party can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Who do you invite? Where should it take place? What refreshments do you provide?

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But planning a party doesn’t need to be stressful. After all, the most important thing is that you and your guests have fun! There are plenty of ways to reduce sweat and tears while party planning, and using the best event planning apps can help to keep you focused and organised. So, whether it’s a birthday, baby shower or engagement party, check out the following tips for planning a successful party.


All good parties have a theme. It gives your guests an idea of the kind of party they’re attending, and advises them on how to prepare. Plus, themes add an extra layer of fun and excitement. There are so many whacky and eccentric themes you could choose from these days and, if you’re stuck for inspiration, it helps to consider the person you’re throwing the party for. What are their passions? A theme that connects with the person is normally the best way to go. Just don’t pick anything too out there, or guests might struggle to find an outfit and this could put them off attending.


One of the most difficult things when planning a party is organising the guest list. You might feel worried about inviting too many people, not enough or leaving people out and causing friction within friendship groups. The key with a guest list is to set a clear goal about the size of the party. Is it going to be small and intimate, or a grand-scale event in a large venue? Depending on this, you might have to be selective, or open the guest list out. Generally, considering who gets along well and will make the party fun is a great way to start. Sometimes, you have to appreciate that you can’t please everyone. This worked when planning my baby shower. I couldn't invite everyone!


Whether you’re throwing a party reminiscent of Gatsby or an intimate garden party more suited to the likes of Mary Berry, you’ll need to establish a budget. This means setting clear guidelines for spending that you make sure you abide by. Whilst it can be easy to go off track, try to remember that you aren’t making a profit from the party, and therefore it’s important to stay within your limits. Don’t splash the cash to impress – money isn’t everything.


Planning a party can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re doing it alone. So, ask for help. This doesn’t necessarily mean hiring people – unless you’re planning a big do, in which case you may need to organise catering or drinks staff. Asking for help can simply mean asking a few friends or relatives to pitch in and provide a hand laying out decorations, picking up refreshments or making a wicked playlist that gets everyone on their feet. Don’t burn yourself out trying to do everything alone. It’s important for you to enjoy yourself, too.

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