It is officially that time of the year. The sun is shining, summer is upon us and wedding preparations are being made.... which means wedding invitations are popping through the post too!

Being a wedding guest or even a member of the wedding party itself can be nearly as stressful as the bride picking out the perfect dress. Everyone wants to look good at a wedding, so how good would it be if you could shop for all your beauty essentials in one place to get #WeddingReady?

Well, actually you can!

Beauty discovery website, Cosmetify, is the place go! With over 150,000 beauty items and nearly      1,500 brands to shop from, it could not be easier to shop for everything you could possibly need in one place. Providing you with makeup, hair, skin and even grooming products, there is no better place to shop than at your fingertips!

With upcoming weddings to attend this year, it got me thinking about what beauty and fashion looks I will be going for. So, when the guys at Cosmetify got in touch asking how I get wedding season ready, it was the perfect time to start planning a look!

My regime for any big event like a wedding is as follows:

  • Pamper Hour the night before - wash body, shave, exfoliate body, wash and treat hair, tan & paint toenails
  • Prepare outfit and accessories the night before - Iron, hang, get shoes out, pick out jewellery and pack clutch bag with necessities 
  • AM shower on morning of event - Face mask, under eye brighteners and apply nails
  • Makeup and hair 
  • Get dressed, spray a scent and off I go!
Having had an explore around the Cosmetify, I was pleased to see some of my favourite beauty brands with some of my favourite products available to buy. Therefore, I thought I would share some of my favourite beauty staples that I either use on an everyday makeup basis or on those special occasions instead. Luckily, everything I use is available to buy!


I always like to start with a hair treatment, as having blonde hair can have its negatives - so dry hair is one of them! I have been using the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer for a while now and honestly love it so much. It's a pre-shampoo treatment that you apply to wet hair before shampooing or you use it as an overnight deep conditioning treatment. A firm favourite in the beauty industry!

I am always trying out new shampoos, but always end up re-purchasing my absolute favourites. TIGI have so many different combinations to try from, but their Catwalk Your Highness volume collection are a firm favourite of mine. There is both a shampoo and conditioner duo.

I will use any cheap and cheerful body wash that I have at the time and don't tend to splurge on anything more than a few pounds as I don't see the point! However, I do like the Moroccanoil Body Buff Exfoliant as a pre-tan treatment. It rubs into the skin really nicely, removing dead skin and impurities so that your body is silky smooth for tan applications.

My favourite tan by far (and one I cannot wait to use again once I can see my feet again! #PregnancyProblems) is the Bondi Sands self tanning foam in shade 'dark'. I went through a bit of a tanning phase last summer and tried so many out, but have never found anything better than Bondi Sands. Whilst it's on the pricier side, it never makes me go patchy and seems to last a lot longer than cheaper tans on the market. 


As I usually sleep in tan over night, it's essential I jump in the shower in the morning to wash off the first layer... revealing a golden tan that looks like I've been in the sun for the last two weeks! I don't tend to spend very much money on face masks, as I find a one use product that costs £10 a bit of a waste, which is why the Yes To face mask range is perfect, as they are much more affordable at a few pounds and work pretty well!

For nails, I always opt for Elegant Touch false nails. They always have such cool and funky designs and are so easy to apply. Definitely the best fake nail company out there!


My hair is usually just simply curled and left to hang and I don't tend to really wear much makeup anymore (well, since everything requires effort when you are pregnant!), so it always makes me feel like a million dollars when I do reach for my favourite products and a makeup brush or two! However, I do tend to go for eyelash russian extensions now, as it's so much easier than mascara application and I prefer the fluffy, fuller look!

For the warmer months, I really enjoy using the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, as it creates a dewy and healthy glow and is really easy to blend into the skin. My all time favourite concealer and one I really need to re-purchase is the NARS creamy concealer. Not only do they have a fantastic shade range, but it really does brighten the under eye area and makes you look really awake. Finally, I always set my base makeup with powder. I tend to just go for cheap ones like the Rimmel Clear Complexion powder. I find they last throughout the day for me as I don't have an oily complexion.

Base done, I have been contouring using the Smashbox step-by-step contour kit for ages now and it works really well for me. My highlight of choice always changes, but a firm favourite are the Sleek highlight palettes which seem to last all day. Finally, for brows I will just use a cheap brown eyeshadow that I have to hand using a slanted brush and then set with some clear mascara. 

If I am to use any eyeshadow which is rare if I have lash extensions on at the time, then I do tend to reach for the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes, as they are buttery, rich and last most all day and night! Number 3 is my favourite, as it has warmer pink, gold and orange tones!

Finally, my lipstick choice will always change (both brand and shade), but I do love the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. It's always nice to use a more luxurious feeling lipstick and they always look pretty on your bedside table too!

That is the whole beauty regime I would follow and all of the makeup products I would use when getting #WeddingReady. Now I just need some outfit choices! 

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Cosmetify. All words and opinions are my own. Mix of Pixabay stock and my own images have been used. 

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