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They say that humans have that natural animal instinct, in that you begin the nesting phase when you're about to welcome a new baby. As of last week, I found myself truly entering the nesting phase and actually, I now find myself less than two weeks away from my due date with a long list of things I want to do before baby boy is here.

One on the list was an oven clean. Yaaaaaawn.

Having lived in our house for almost 9 months, I have cleaned the oven a few times, but when you find yourself 9 months pregnant and unable to bend down anymore, you have to admit defeat and call in the guys that know best.

Let me re-introduce to you; Fantastic Services. A handy little company to keep in mind for any jobs inside or outside of your home that may need doing. From removal services, garden maintenance, decorators and cleaning wizards; these are just some of the many services that are offered at extremely reasonable prices. There's actually 25+ services to choose from!

I collaborated with them two years ago on a massive clear up on the driveway of my family home (you can catch that blog post here). They did such a fabulous job, so when they kindly offered me another service in exchange for review, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get an oven clean in before we are super busy with a newborn.

I am embarrassed to share how dirty our oven was before this deep clean, but we do use the oven pretty much 1-2 times per day! Everything needed cleaning; the racks, the base was covered in dry fat and the glass had the annoying brown splash marks that seem to seep inside of the glass, making it really hard to remove yourself.

Our oven clean was booked for Saturday, 11am. You can either book your service online or download the Fantastic Services app for FREE via Apple App Store or GooglePlay Store. You can also grab £10 off your first booking for any service with my exclusive code BeingAshleigh

Our service was carried out by two guys who turned up in a company van and wearing company uniform, so looked really professional and promising.  I had some kitchen items draining on the side which they required me to move as they had a lot of equipment to bring in - the biggest being a huge bath like tub in which they clean everything in.

I was a little apprehensive that my sink or surfaces would get scratched in the process, but I was proven wrong and the guys managed to successfully clean the oven in around 2 hours. They even managed to get rid of all the greasy residue within the glass door, making the oven look brand new once again.

They did say a hob clean was also included, but I don't think this was done and it's something I have to mention in an honest review. I had already cleaned the hob the previous night as I usually do when washing up after dinner and I usually do a deep clean of it once a week. When the guys left, I checked under the hob stands and crumbs remained there, so I imagine these would have been spotless if a deep hob clean was done.

Needless to say, I am very happy with the oven clean in itself - partly because it's become impossible for me to get down there to scrub it myself!

I would highly recommend Fantastic Services for all of your homely needs. As this is my second service with them now, both have been great services that I would book again.

Don't forget that you can grab £10 off your first booking for any service with my exclusive code BeingAshleigh

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