As I sit here and write this, I have my gorgeous newborn son snuggled up on my chest. He is asleep and slightly snoring, with a muffle of mid-brown, fluffy hair sitting limply on his head. I can't help but inhale that sweet newborn smell that babies have, but of course he smells the best.

Let me introduce you to my son. My first born and the little one we have waited so long for.

His name is Woody Robert Curry and he was born on Saturday 25th May 2019 at 12.49pm, weighing in at a chunky 8lbs, 8oz.

He will be 4 weeks old tomorrow, so alongside countless feeds, nappy changes and endless snuggles, I am only just getting around to introducing his sweet little face on my blog.

It is amazing to think that my blog has the last 8 years worth of my life documented in countless monthly and yearly archives. And now, mid-2019, a new subject to talk about and document. My beautiful child and the completion to my little family.

I will be writing up my labour and delivery story very soon and sharing lots more Woody posts, but for now let me get back to snuggling him.

Lots of love.

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